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How to Surrender a Game in Valorant


In any kind of competitive game, giving up and surrendering is not always the best method to bring an end to the contest. However, if you discover that there are dishonest players on the opposing team, this strategy may prove to be the most prudent choice. If you don’t, you could be throwing away about 30 to 40 minutes of your valuable gaming hours by taking part in a game that is going to end in a loss. Therefore, in order to quit a match in Valorant, you will first need to initiate a vote process to quit, and then you will need to receive the consent of your teammates.

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How to Surrender a Game in Valorant

After you have made the decision to give up on a game, you should proceed according to these steps. Also, keep in mind that if you quit during a ranking battle, your RP will be deducted. Therefore, give it some serious thought before you cast your vote to surrender.

  • Using the “Enter” button will open the chatbox that is located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. To begin the voting process, you can do so by entering one of the following commands: /ff, /concede, or /surrender.

How to Surrender a Game in Valorant

  • You can also initiate the voting process by pressing the “Esc” button and then clicking on the “surrender” button in the match section. This will take you to the vote screen.

How to Surrender a Game in Valorant

  • You can register your vote and ask your teammates to vote by pressing the “Y” button.
  • When all of the confirmation votes have been collected by the system, the server will hand over your game to you.
  • You are allowed to make use of the remake feature if it is the opening round of the match; however, the surrender option will not become available to participants until after the fifth round.


Is surrendering better in Valorant?

Every contest has a chance to be won.

The only thing that sets using your surrender option apart from playing out a potentially terrible situation is the fact that you won’t receive any benefit whatsoever from doing so in Valorant. And that’s just the way the game’s statistics work and how the system is designed to operate.

What does FF mean in Valorant?

When you type “/ff” In order to start the voting process, you will need to type “/ff,” “/forfeit,” “concede,” or “surrender” into the chatbox. However, you should avoid using quotation marks when typing these commands.

What does RR mean in Valorant?

Players’ Rank Ratings might go up or down according on how they perform in competitive games of Valorant (RR). Gaining 100 RR is required for players to move up in ranks from one tier to the next. If you are now a Gold 3 and reach 100 RR, you will be promoted to the following level, which is Platinum 1. Each and every rank in the Valorant.

What does UC stand for in Valorant?

UC, which stands for “Unknown Cash,” is another type of in-game cash that may be obtained within the game and used to make purchases of unique products. BP stands for “Battle Points,” which are rewarded to players for completing matches, events, or achievements and have the abbreviation “BP.” It is possible to get different skins and other stuff within the game by using it as a form of in-game cash.

What does ELO stand for in Valorant?

The Elo rating system is a way for evaluating the relative skill levels of players in games like chess where there is no winner and no loser. It was called for the Hungarian-American professor of physics who came up with the concept, Arpad Elo.