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How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad


People are able to send messages that cannot be read to and from their iPhone and iPad thanks to a technology called Invisible Ink that is included in iOS Messages. The content of the invisible messages is only able to be disclosed by swiping a finger across the blurred message(s) in order to momentarily reveal the message text, image, or video. The invisible communications are delivered with a noticeable obscuring effect. Invisible communications can be sent not just as invisible text, but also as invisible photographs and invisible movies. And yes, this does mean that invisible messages can send in all three formats. This is the procedure:

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How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad

1. Launch the Messages app on your iOS device, and navigate to the conversation thread of any message you have (you can also send yourself a message to test this feature out)

2. You can start typing any message as you normally would, and when you are ready to access iMessage Effects, press and hold on the blue arrow, or utilize 3D Touch on the arrow*.

How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad

3. Select “Invisible Ink” from the menu of effects available for messages.

How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad

4. Simply sending a message with the obfuscated feature of invisible ink by tapping the arrow button that is located next to “Send with Invisible Ink” will cause the message to be sent out promptly.

How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad

5. The message will be conveyed to the recipient clouded in invisible ink, and it will continue to be muddled and unintelligible until a touch or swipe is used to decipher it.

How to Send Invisible Ink Messages from iPhone and iPad


How do you reveal invisible ink on iMessage?

The majority of messages written with invisible ink may be deciphered by heating the paper on which they are printed. Because the fibres in the paper are weakened by the ink, the message begins to discolour (burn) before the rest of the paper does.

How do you view hidden messages on iPhone?

Drag your finger down the screen until you reach the Messages section, then tap on Messages. Please enable Notifications. in order for you to receive notifications and preview messages on the screen of your iPhone. You have the option to unshide notifications from the Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners from this screen. Alternatively, you can select all to view text chat history.

How do you make a disappearing ink appear?

You might try grape juice, apple juice, lemon juice, vinegar, white wine, or any one of a wide variety of different acids instead. Combine the salt with the ink that is vanishing. After one minute has passed, proceed to remove the salt off the paper by brushing it. Use a wax crayon to write over the page, and the secret message will be revealed.

Does iPhone have secret messages?

Hiding alerts is one way to get around having to preview messages, and you can also go into the settings and turn off message notifications entirely. The second option is to take someone off of your Contacts list, which will result in their messages coming from an unknown source. In point of fact, there is no secret text message buried anywhere on an iPhone.

How do you secretly communicate on iPhone?

Using the Notes app, all you need to do to have a private conversation with another user is to compose a note and then share it with that person. You even have the option of sharing the note with several individuals. Any changes that are made to the note are updated in real time for all of the people who have been authorised access, providing the conducive environment required for a conversation to take place.