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How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch


In this post, we will demonstrate how to set an alarm on your Apple Watch by taking you step by step through the procedure. Now, in order to accomplish that, here is the procedure:

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How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch

1. To begin the activity, select the icon of the application, which is depicted as an orange clock and can be accessed by touching it (not to be confused with the timer and stopwatch apps, which are also orange and have watch-like icons).

How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch

2. Tap “Add Alarm.”

How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch

3. Place your finger on the dial between “AM” and “PM” and make your pick.

4. To adjust the time, first select the hour or the minute by pressing one of the buttons, and then use the Digital Crown to move to the appropriate number.

5. Once you have the alarm programmed to go off at the time that you want it to, you can save the setting by pressing the Set button. This will ensure that the alarm will go off at the appropriate time.

How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch

6. If you want to set more than one alarm, you will need to repeat these instructions for each additional alarm that you want to set. if you want to set more than one alarm, click here.

How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch


Can I Use Apple’s Sleep app and Sleep Stages in AutoSleep?

Because AutoSleep has been thoroughly incorporated with Apple’s Sleep Stages, you are provided with the opportunity to select from a number of different options. Reading the Sleep Stages page will provide you with all of the information yoau require on the topic.

Can I Use Apple’s Sleep Schedules with AutoSleep?

Yes, but we strongly advise you to deactivate the feature that is referred to as “Use Schedule for Sleep and Focus.” Apple requires users to have Sleep Focus installed on their devices in order to record sleep phases and SpO2 statistics, among other things. If this switch is turned on, Sleep Focus will turn on and off atomically at the scheduled set times. As a result, if you sleep past your wake time, it is possible that Sleep Focus will turn off while you are still asleep, which could result in missed or erroneous data. This is something that consumers, in particular, run against on the weekends. The simplest option is to deactivate this feature and then manually toggle Sleep Focus on and off whenever it’s required.

What Apple Watch models does SeizAlarm support?

At this time, SeizAlarm is compatible with Apple Watch models ranging from Series 2 all the way up to Series 7. Due to the fact that Apple will no longer support future WatchOS updates on those models, Apple’s first (Series 0) and first (Series 1) watch series are no longer supported. Since Apple tends to stop providing support for earlier models over time, we strongly advise going with the Series 3 at the very least.