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How to Set Up Digital Wellbeing on Android


The Android component known as “Digital Wellbeing” is responsible for monitoring how much time you spend looking at screens on a daily basis, as well as the notifications you get and the times you unlock your phone. You can enable the Digital Wellbeing function on your smartphone by going into its settings and selecting the appropriate option. You are going to need to turn it on manually because it is not activated by default. This is the way that it ought to be put up.

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How to Set Up Digital Wellbeing on Android

This is the way that it ought to be put up.

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls.

How to Set Up Digital Wellbeing on Android

3. Select Manage your data after tapping the menu button that looks like three dots and is located in the top right corner of the screen.

How to Set Up Digital Wellbeing on Android

4. By flicking the switch, you can activate the daily use of the device.

How to Set Up Digital Wellbeing on Android

5. Your smartphone will now keep a trail of the apps you use, the history of notifications, and any times you unlock the device.


What phones have Digital Wellbeing?

The Digital Wellbeing feature set was initially only available to users of Google Pixel and Android One devices. However, the feature set is now being rolled out to the Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 devices that are running Android Pie, as well as the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Where is Digital Wellbeing?

The Digital Wellbeing app will assist you in keeping track of the amount of time you spend on your phone engaging in a variety of activities. Simply navigate to the Settings menu and select Digital Wellbeing. There, you will discover a dashboard for the application as well as information on how to disconnect from your phone.

Do I need Digital Wellbeing on my phone?

According to papers that 9to5Google has seen, the most recent and arguably largest push requires all Android devices to have a digital wellbeing app of some form, in addition to parental controls. This push is being implemented on Android smartphones.

Is it safe to remove Digital Wellbeing?

The go signal has been given. The Settings app does not become unresponsive or frozen. It is not the other way around; rather, a setting made in the Settings menu is logged when a change is made in the Digital Wellbeing menu. Settings is perfectly capable of functioning without Digital Wellbeing.

What is Samsung Digital Wellbeing?

Within the Android operating system, there is a function called Digital Wellbeing that was added by Google with the goal of improving people’s lives in their digital environments. The objective is to provide people with the tools necessary to simplify their digital lives so that they can direct their attention to other aspects of their life.

What is Google Play services and do I need it?

The use of Google Play services on an Android smartphone helps to secure the device’s security and stability, as well as keeps the device up to date with the most recent security measures. This includes Google Play Protect, which can alert users if an application they are using has malware that is already known about.