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How to Skip Training in PUBG


If you are looking for a PUBG tutorial, skip beyond the training. we have all the information you require to get through all the drills and exercises as quickly as possible. When returning to the battlegrounds in PUBG after the game’s recent transition to a free-to-play model, all players must go through and finish a mandatory tutorial before continuing. This sadly applies to veteran players as well, who already have a significant amount of knowledge with PUBG; hence, you will want to go swiftly through the tutorials if you are a veteran player. This post will show how to bypass the training in PubG using the following steps:

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How to Skip Training in PUBG

The PUBG tutorial and AI Training implemented as part of the new free-to-play update cannot be bypassed now. All players must finish the PUBG tutorial before returning to the main game against actual players, although you can speed through it with these hints. You must complete the Basic Training exercise to get started with PUBG and have any chance at winning or even getting a chicken supper.

You’ll need to master the basics of movement, item pickup, firing, and aiming using PUBG ADS, equipping weapon attachments, throwing grenades, and healing. Get through each section of Basic Training as quickly as possible by following the on-screen instructions and completing all required tasks. It should take you a few minutes to complete if you’ve played PUBG before. Next, either play 10 matches against the AI or finish four AI Training Drills, whichever comes first.

How to Skip Training in PUBG

Battle royale matches in PUBG’s AI Training mode are played solo, but you face off against AI opponents instead of human players. Playing as few matches as possible while completing the four AI Training Drills is the most efficient strategy. When choosing a training mode, you may check out the PUBG Training Drills and your stats by viewing the full description of that mode. The four required Training Drills for AI Training matches are as follows.

  • Win a chicken dinner by winning a match
  • Get 5 kills in total
  • Loot 1 item from a Care Package
  • Drive vehicles a total distance of 2,000m

The five kills should be a natural byproduct of your ability to handle the bots and secure a victory as a seasoned player of PUBG. Care Package loot requires you to keep an ear out for a passing cargo plane and an eye out for any packages it may drop. Finally, purchase a car, any car, and drive it as much as possible. This one could take a few tries if you have to find vehicles and avoid getting blown up so that you can drive the full 2,000m in a single battle.

How to Skip Training in PUBG

These PUBG Training Drills can be completed in a couple of matches, but you could also load into ten matches and die quickly in each. However, you can’t just start off by blowing yourself up with a poorly-made grenade or getting murdered by a robot. You need to do so for your time spent looting and pretending to play the game to count. If you wait a few minutes, you should find that the number of required matches to complete the instructional has decreased, and you can safely get yourself killed.


Can you play PUBG without doing the tutorial?

You, along with all of the other players, are required to finish the PUBG tutorial before you can play the main game against other people, but you may make this section easier and get through it more quickly by following the advice in this article.

Is PUBG easy or hard?

No, I do not find it to be difficult in any way. It is possible that it will be incredibly challenging when you first begin, but as time goes on, you will become accustomed to it. The first ten or so encounters are always played against computer-controlled opponents known as bots; after that, real players begin to take their place.

Is PUBG PC harder than mobile?

When compared to playing PUBG on a PC or console, PUBG Mobile makes controlling guns and their recoil a relatively simple and straightforward process. Even when using a sight with a magnification power of four times, guns such as the AKM, M416, and DP-28 are not difficult to manage. On the other hand, controlling the recoil of the identical rifles in PUBG is a significantly more challenging endeavor for players.

Which is the toughest server in PUBG?

The Indo-Asian server in PUBG Mobile is the most difficult to play on simply due to the fact that the majority of the players on that server are experienced professionals. From my perspective, this PUBG server is the most challenging of them all.