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How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart


In Atomic Heart, you’ll find yourself in a number of claustrophobic locations, and in order to progress through the game, you’ll need to demonstrate your combat and problem-solving skills. Locks are dispersed across the game’s globe and may be found within each primary lab. These locks, when unlocked, lead to other locations containing materials that can be gathered. This guide will walk you through the process of overcoming each and every type of obstacle in Atomic Heart. So let’s get started:

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How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart

In this section, we have described each lock in Atomic Heart by name and included photographs to assist you in recognizing them. If you get stuck on one, go through all of the locks and look through their contents until you locate what you need and the solution along with it.

Solve rotating color locks:

In order to unlock these rotating colour locks, you will need to rotate the centre dial and then move the coloured dots contained within them until they are aligned with the lights that surround the lock. These can be fairly challenging, particularly at later parts of the game’s narrative. But, if you take your time and make the effort to connect the dots in the correct order, any of these outcomes is feasible. We discovered that beginning with the colour that was closest to the lights allowed us to examine the other dots and determine the best way to move them so that they were aligned with the lights with the least amount of effort.

How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart

Solve code locks:

Look around the neighbourhood for a key that will open these locks; the answer is probably close by. The number of code locks that require you to solve is very low, but you will encounter a handful of them during the course of the game. These resemble a huge circle that has a number of buttons piled on top of it. You will need to look elsewhere in the game for the key to unlock these doors; otherwise, you won’t be able to proceed. For instance, the very first one you come across has a solution that was known exclusively to the station master. You can fix the problem by approaching one of the dead bodies in the area, having a conversation with it, and then paying attention to what it tells you. The answer is written down on a piece of paper that is located close to where the station master was found dead.

How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart

Solve clicking locks:

To stop clicking locks from happening, you need to press the X/A button whenever a red light illuminates beneath an extended fuse. This will cause all of the fuses to turn green. As long as you get the timing just right, these are the most common locks you’ll encounter throughout the game, and they’re not too difficult to unlock. It is extremely simple to inadvertently click just as the red light travels to one of the fuses that you’ve already entered, forcing it to expand once more. This may happen very easily.

How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart

The trick to opening these locks is to be patient and get the timing just perfect as the red light moves around the lock at a faster pace and in a different direction than it did before. If you are unable to overcome the lock within the given amount of time, you are free to leave the room and try again as many times as you like.

Pick door locks:

It is necessary to interact with normal door locks in order to pick them. The left joystick should be used to rotate the lock, and the right joystick should be used to adjust the location of your glove tendrils. Lockpicking in Skyrim and Fallout 76 can be performed with no difference in results. Imagine that the tendrils on the glove are the lockpick, then turn the lock in the appropriate direction until it is turned all the way to the right.

How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart

Open key disc locks:

Locks using key discs can only be unlocked with the appropriate key disc. You will have to go around the area for the key disc and then use it while interacting with the lock because there is no other way to avoid them. As long as the key disc is still in your possession, the lock will unlock by itself when you try to use it. If it isn’t, all you can do is stare at it in a helpless stupor.

How to Solve All types of Block in Atomic Heart


What is the controversy with Atomic Heart game?

The film Atomic Heart has come under fire due to a trailer that featured a racist caricature that was taken from a Soviet comic. The creators of Atomic Heart, Mundfish, have issued an apology for a caricature that has been called racist by a number of the game’s players.

Is Atomic Heart a Russian game?

Atomic Heart, a game that was just recently created by a new developer known as Mundfish, has generated considerable controversy due to its connections to Russia. Moscow is the city that saw the birth of the studio. Due to the fact that it is in part sponsored by Russian businessmen, the number of people who are directly related to Putin is quite limited.

How long does it take to beat Atomic Heart?

The length of Atomic Heart is approximately 16 hours when concentrating on the game’s primary goals. If you’re the type of gamer who wants to experience everything the game has to offer, you should plan to spend about 33 and a half hours on it to get the 100% completion trophy.

Is Atomic Heart a horror game?

Atomic Heart is arguably not a horror game in the traditional sense, at least according to one definition of the term. There are very few jump scares, if any at all, and the game does not make an effort to deliberately terrify you at every opportunity. The horror aspects that it possesses are considerably more focused on the psychological terror and macabre images.

Why is Atomic Heart so popular?

From the introduction of the game in 2018, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding its release, and for good cause. Atomic Heart is a video game that takes place in an offbeat, retrofuturistic setting and features a novel combination of first-person shooter and role-playing game mechanics.