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How to Spawn Purple Lucky Blocks in Roblox Bedwars


when you break a lucky block it gives you so many things like items, boosts in the game and other kind of perks. In this article we will tell you how to spawn purple lucky blocks in roblox bedwars and win every battle with your opponent. You must not let your oponent win and keep respawning untill you win the game.

In order to get your purple spawn lucky block type /spawn purple_lucky_block 1000 or /spawn purple_lucky_block inf.

While playing with your oponent we recommend you to use these commands in order to win from your opponent.

/kick Username: By using this command you can kick any player from the match. If you want to use this command then enter the name of the player who you want to kick out

/hub: You can use this command any time to go back to lobby from where you started your game.

/setDeathmatchTime NN: This command helps you to set a countdown within a time frame which is denoted by NN as number of seconds.

/setGeneratorMultiplier NN: Use this command for spawn rate resource generator and replace NN with any value that you want. If you have smaller value of NN it would mean that the spawn rate is set at higher.

There are more commands like this that you can use for example;

/spawn dodo_entity NN

There is a purple lucky blocks airdrop which is also called inbound airdrop. Usually 1-10 purple lucky blocks will fall while you are playing the roblox game in any random area and you can find it on the map.

It is very similar to normal lucky blocks, this lucky block airdrop will give you random items when you break it. For example you can get fake beds and a taser sometimes you can also get 3 black holes.


You can destroy people’s beds and stop their respawn as it is the aim of the game and stay alive and you can do it. Roblox Bedwars is an amazing team strategy based game in which players have to fight with each other with the aim to destroy oponent’s bed and prevent it from respawning. In this type of situation the only way to win is that you have to defeat your oponent.