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Roblox Chipotle Event Join Bloxy Awards, Unlock Free Virtual Items


It says Happy National Burrito Day from your fellow chipotle Crew member.! Roblox Chipotle event is back. Now you can roll virtual burritos for burrito bucks. Also you can exchange burrito bucks for a real burrito, moreover you can also get free virtual items by unlocking them.

How do you get free stuff from Chipotle?

In order to get free stuff from chipotle you would need to sign up for chipotle rewards on the application and earn points as much as you can to get the free item. You get 10 points on every single $ you spend on Chipotle. You may also get surprises like free extra drink or double your points in the Chipotle rewards account.

Leaks About New Chipotle Burrito Event Items

You would might be excited after hearing new items that are coming to chipotle burrito event. Here are some leaks that could excite you as these new items include free new skins.

Bloxy Awards are going to be 10x better then the one from last year, the one from last year was really good, All roblox players loved it and was amazed by it, This one is going to be even better. There are going to be bloxy awards, concerts, burrito and many hidden codes. During RDC there is going to be a very busy big event.

Chipotle’s Boorito Maze rewards you with a new free avatar item every day if you make it to the centre!

How the Reward Programs Work

If you complete the maze, you will receive a new reward each time you do so. Regardless of the day you win, the prizes always appear in the same order.

Detailed Instructions for Completing the Maze

Take a right after logging in until you come across a maze entrance.

The skeleton at the entrance of the maze can be approached.

If you don’t understand the instructions, don’t buy the product. It is now time to navigate your way through the labyrinth.

In the end, don’t forget to talk to that skeleton in the middle. In addition to getting your freebie, you’ll be able to use Robux to buy other items from the list on the left.

A few pointers on how to get through the maze faster

It’s possible that the maze will be different each day or on each server. The maze layout can change even if you log out and log back in on the same day. The maps you find online (such as the one shown below) may not be the most accurate.

When you see a kernel of corn, you’ll be able to see the entire maze laid out before you. In order to quickly and easily locate the correct path, take a screenshot. You can even draw your way through the maze first if you know how to use a photo editor, as we did in the image below.

Keep to the left side of the screen the entire time if you don’t want to take a screen shot. Despite the fact that this may take a little longer, you will eventually arrive at your destination. It’s also a lot of fun!

In order to avoid being teleported back to the previous checkpoint, avoid encountering witches, werewolves, and scary pumpkin head guys. If at all possible, stay away from them!

Take a few moments to look around when you come across check points in order to avoid getting lost and heading in the wrong direction if you’re teleported back there.