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How to Spectate Friends in Apex Legends


The Apex Legends client used to allow players to experience the true essence of the game even when they were not actively participating in it. These and other features helped to make the Apex Legends client one of the most popular battle royale games available on the market.

Players will be able to observe their friends’ games through the use of the spectating a friend feature, which is currently lacking in this version. Previously, users could see how many other players were monitoring their games, but this function was suddenly disabled by the creators.

Other battle royale games include a feature that allows you to watch your friends play, and gamers have expressed a desire for this functionality on the internet. The ability to watch your friends’ games is not available at this time. Despite this, because to all of the hype and demand from Apex Legends players and fans, this feature will almost certainly be included in future releases.

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Why are Players Asking for Spectator Mode Feature?

A social feature, spectator mode allows you to watch the games of random players and add them to your friends list so that you can join them in the next match. If you are killed immediately after landing on the map, spectator mode will allow you to remain in the game until the end of the round.

If this function is not available, players will instantly exit the match and wait for their friends to die or win the game before continuing to play the following games together. You might advise some moves to your teammates and inform them of the likely location of the adversary.

How will Spectator Mode Work?

In light of the Spectate your friends functionality found in other battle royale games, we may make educated guesses about how the spectate feature will function in the Apex Legends client and prepare ourselves for the impending feature.

If you had intended to join your friends in a game, you have arrived late, and they have already begun the game without you. With the spectate option, you can still keep an eye on your friends’ games and observe how they perform without you present. This will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the gameplay of your teammates, allowing you to enhance your own performance as a result. When you are killed in the game, you have the ability to specify all of your remaining teammates.

There is no way that you will be able to see the gameplay of the enemy who killed you until all of your teammates have been slain. You can, however, offer your teammates the location of the enemy, but this will be considered cheating by the game’s developers. Improve your outcomes by combining the voice feature with the spectate option. Contribute to a friend’s search for weaponry in order to raise the number of kills they have.

How to Spectate Friends in Apex Legends through Twitch

We realize that bringing this up may seem a little foolish, but you can watch any of your pals play games online through a streaming site such as Twitch. Providing your buddies have Twitch streaming accounts, they can broadcast their game in progress whenever you want to watch it! Unfortunately, you will not be able to join in on any Apex Legends games that are currently taking place. However, if you really want to get your Apex Legends fix, there are always a tonne of fantastic Apex Legends streams available!