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How to Speed Flip in Rocket League


The Speed Flip is a mechanic in Rocket League that has rapidly become a crucial ability to learn in order to keep up to speed at the top level of ranked competition or in the professional scene. Gaining and sustaining speed is the key to success in Rocket League regarding scoring points. You have to build up some momentum before you can accomplish this. However, gaining momentum can be difficult if you are unsure how to perform a speed flip in Rocket League. This post will teach you how to perform a speed flip in Rocket League. So, let’s get into this:

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How to Speed Flip in Rocket League

In Rocket League, a speed flip consists of a forward movement, a flip-over, a change in direction, and another forward movement. That is, proceeding forward with the increased velocity gained from each preceding move.

Flip Cancel

The Speed Flip is based on the same principle as the Flip Cancel. The ability to do this is a must for playing. A Flip Cancel player does a front flip and then stops the motion, as the name suggests. This is done so that the front of the car always points in the direction of travel. The following controls may be used in Flip Cancel:

  • Perform a left-stick, single-jump. To make the car face slightly uphill, turn down at 6 o’clock.
  • Initiate a Front Flip on your second leap by pressing Up (12 o’clock) on the left analog stick.
  • As soon as the Front Flip starts, hold the left stick down again to the 6 o’clock position.

Players can successfully do a Front Flip by stopping their car’s rotation just before it points straight down, at this point, the motion will cancel. This will depend on the angle at which their car was pointed in the first stage. The player’s vehicle may turn or barrel roll if the sensitivity is too low. If that’s the case, they can employ Air Roll to recover with their wheels facing down after a manual roll.

How to Speed Flip in Rocket League

Speed Flip

To better illustrate what a Speed Flip will look like and why Air Roll is vital in this mechanic, let’s compare a regular Side Flip to an Air Roll-assisted Side Flip.

  • A typical Side Flip is illustrated in the first example. The automobile almost completes a full 360-degree barrel roll. A leftward diagonal forward flip has the same effect.
  • The second illustration shows a Side Flip with the aid of an Air Roll. Throughout the cartoon, we have Air Roll (square) engaged and the left stick pointed in the flip’s direction. The addition of manual Air Roll makes it possible to rotate the full 360 degrees effortlessly.

Combining the Air Roll’s sideways assistance with a slightly modified Flip Cancel input direction yields a successful speed flip. To execute a right-side Speed Flip, replicate the left-stick motions on the right.

  • Parallel leap
  • Use an Up-left (11 o’clock) secondary jump to start a left diagonal. Verbalization for “front flip.”
  • Stop the flip animation instantly by pressing and holding Air Roll while directing the left stick down-left (7 o’clock).
  • Keep pressing down-left on the left stick to maintain the Air Roll. This will help the vehicle complete its spin.

How to Speed Flip in Rocket League

Benefits of a Speed Flip

In Rocket League, speed is the most critical factor in determining who wins. Developing and sustaining momentum are both necessary steps in the process of gaining speed. You can lose the ability to block shots and score points if you engage in activities that disturb your momentum, such as manually reorienting your vehicle.

Gaining momentum and speed simultaneously is possible with a speed flip. You can also rotate your car and navigate around smaller sections of the map if you successfully perform the maneuver. You will find it much simpler to track the ball, to block shots, and to force the ball into the net of the opposing team if you do each of these things.


What is the #1 rule of Rocket League?

In Rocket League, Rule 1 is an unwritten rule that players must never break, unless they want their teammates to throw the game for them. It is common knowledge that you should never, under any circumstances, break a “lock” in Rocket League, which refers to a situation in which two cards are hooked on each other.

What’s the slowest goal in Rocket League?

In Rocket League, the lowest speed at which a goal may be scored is 0 kilometers per hour. This is only a possibility if the ball is moving at a speed of less than 0.5 kilometers per hour. EUnited’s goal against Renegades has the record for the slowest goal ever scored in the RLCS at 1 KPH.

What is rarer on Rocket League?

The Alpha Boost, the Beta Nugget Antenna, the Titanium White Octane, the Titanium White Dominus, and the Black Market Decals are among the most sought after and uncommon things in Rocket League. As a result of their rarity, these products command exceptionally high prices.