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How to Speed up Video on an iPhone


This article explains how to convert slow-motion iPhone films to regular speed using a variety of tools, including the Photos app and iMovie, among other ways. In order to follow these standards, which are applicable to all iPhone models running iOS 13 or later, it is not feasible to make an exception. Prior versions of iOS are compatible with the fundamental concepts discussed here; however, particular operations may alter significantly from one version to the next.

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How to Speed Up Video In the Photos App on an iPhone

Using the Photos app, which comes pre-installed on the iPhone, is perhaps the quickest and most straightforward method of changing video speed from slo-mo to standard speed. All of the slow-motion films you take with your iPhone are saved in this location. Slow-motion films may be made faster using the editing tools integrated into Photos. Simply follow the instructions outlined below:

1. Launch the Photos application.

2. Select Albums from the drop-down menu.

3. Slo-mo is included under the Media Types section, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

4. Simply tap on the slow-motion video that you wish to accelerate.

5. When the video is open, select Edit from the drop-down menu.

6. A series of vertical lines runs along the bottom of the page. The speed of the video at that time in the recording is indicated by these numbers. A segment in slow motion is indicated by lines that are very close together, whereas a piece with lines that are widely apart indicates that the section is at regular speed.

7. Tap the bar with the lines in it and slide your finger across the slo-mo part to make it appear to be moving. By doing so, all of the lines will be converted to the close-together form that shows that they are running at regular pace.

8. When you’ve changed the speed of the video, tap Done to save the video.

How to Speed Up Video In iMovie on an iPhone

When it comes to video editing tools, Apple’s iMovie is a step up from Photos in terms of strength and functionality (download iMovie at the App Store). This tool has a wide range of video editing features such as adding filters, titles, music, and other effects, among other things. It also has the capability of converting slow-motion footage to standard speed. In iMovie, you may speed up video by following these steps:

1. Launch iMovie.

2. Create a new project by using the Create Project button.

3. Select Movie from the drop-down menu.

4. Select Media from the drop-down menu.

5. Select Video from the drop-down menu.

6. Toggle the Slo-mo button.

7. To accelerate a slo-mo video, select it and tap it. Then click on the checkmark in the pop-up option that appears.

8. Select the Create Movie option.

9. When you tap on the video timeline, the editing choices at the bottom of the screen will become visible.

10. To access the playback speed controls, tap the clock symbol on the bottom of the screen. The speed controls consist of a series of lines with a turtle at one end, which represents slo-mo, and a bunny at the other end, which represents fast forward. The video’s pace is indicated by a number shown next to the bunny image.

11. To increase the speed of the rabbit, adjust the speed control slider such that the number next to the bunny indicates 1x. That is considered standard speed.

12. To save the movie with the speed altered, select Done from the File menu.

13. Select Action from the video screen (the square with an arrow pointing out of it) to share, export, or do other things with your video once it has been recorded and uploaded.