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How to Stop Twitter Emails on Your Mobile Device


You can easily turn off Twitter emails with just a few clicks or taps, which will enable you to stop receiving these emails and make your own way through the Twitterverse on your own without anyone else’s assistance. The following is a guide that will show you how to turn off email notifications from Twitter on your mobile device:

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How to Stop Twitter Emails on Your Mobile Device

1. On your mobile device, either an iPhone or an Android, open the Twitter app.

2. To access your profile, navigate to the top left corner of the page and tap the image of your profile that appears there.

3. Choose the “Privacy and Settings” option from the main menu.

4. Navigate to the tab labelled Notifications. Under the tab labelled “Preferences,” choose “Email notifications” from the list of available options.

5. To disable all email notifications from Twitter, move the white dot in the upper-right corner to the left, or use the drop-down option to pick which email alerts you want to continue receiving. This will disable all email notifications from Twitter.

How to Stop Twitter Emails on Your Mobile Device

You may turn off SMS and Push notifications on your iPhone or Android smartphone by opening the Settings app, selecting Notifications, and then tapping on the toggles for those features.


Why am I getting Twitter notifications from accounts I don’t follow?

It is possible that we will add anything to your timeline if we come across a Tweet, an account that is worth following, or some other item that is particularly popular or relevant to the conversation. Because of this, it is possible that you will come across Tweets from accounts that you do not follow on a consistent basis.

Why does Twitter keep sending me random notifications?

Twitter will now make random alerts available regarding the activities of the individuals you follow. In the past, you would only be alerted to new notifications whenever someone interacted with you or your tweets.

Why do I get notified when someone Tweets?

When you create an account on Twitter, notifications are automatically enabled for you. These notifications will notify you whenever you receive a reply or mention, as well as whenever any of your tweets are retweeted or liked. When you access the website or app is the only time you will be able to view the notifications that have been sent to you.

Why am I seeing Tweets from someone I don’t follow 2022?

Concerning content that could come from outside of your network.

We provide recommendations that make it simpler and quicker to locate content that meaningfully contributes to the debate, such as content that is pertinent, credible, and safe. This means that you may come across Tweets from accounts that you do not follow all of the time.

How do I stop getting Tweets from people I dont follow?

You can easily access a variety of alternatives by tapping the symbol located at the top of any Tweet directly from your Home timeline. These options include the ability to unfollow, mute, ban, or report the user. Unfollowing someone on Twitter is the quickest and easiest way to cease seeing that person’s tweets appear on your Home timeline. If you change your mind about following an account, you may always follow it again.