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Clash Royale

How to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale


Players engage in card-based combat in the online multiplayer game Clash Royale. Players do battle using a deck of cards. Finding new cards and improving the ones they already have become increasingly important as players go through the game. To increase hitpoints and damage, the troop cards need to be upgraded, which requires the expenditure of gold as well as the acquisition of more cards and other resources. Players also have the option of using Magic Items to improve their cards.

Magic Items are a type of resource that speed up the process of acquiring new Cards and upgrading existing ones. You can use them to acquire certain cards, improve cards without needing Gold, and quickly unlock chests. You can also use them to open chests more quickly. One of these well-liked Magic Items is called “Magic Coins,” and it enables players to improve their cards without having to spend any Gold.

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How to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale

Due to the fact that it can be used in place of Gold when upgrading cards, Magic Coin is widely considered to be one of the game’s most useful Magic Items. Magic Coin is extremely helpful for upgrading cards to level 13, which takes 100000 Gold. In order to do so, you will need 100000 Gold.

How to Use Magic Coins in Clash Royale

To enhance their cards, players can utilise Magic Coin in the following ways:

  1. Before attempting any of the other steps, players need to ensure that they have the Magic Coin in their possession.
  2. After obtaining a Magic Coin, players should tap the card they want to enhance when prompted to do so.
  3. To upgrade a card, the player should first check to see if they have the necessary amount of cards, and then tap the Magic Coin icon that is located on the right side of the card.
  4. The card will be levelled up without the expenditure of any gold.

A player in Clash Royale can save a significant amount of gold when upgrading a card by using magic coins, which are a very helpful resource that are classified as magic items. However, because to the rarity of it, players should use it with caution in order to maximize its potential.


What does the magic Coin do?

A Magic Coin allows you to rapidly level up a card without having to spend any of your gold on the process, thereby giving you a free level up. It is compatible with all levels of rarity.

How do you use Hammer of spells?

Using the Hammer of Spells, one can rapidly improve the level of any spell that is stored in the Laboratory. It is not possible to use this hammer on either infantry or siege machines. It is also useless at the builder base because there are no spells in that location. You can buy it for 120 League Medals, and you can sell it for 100 gems if you want to.

Is Rune of Gold permanent?

If you are referring to a Rune that is already in your CC, then it will not expire at any point. Because there is a restriction of one storage, you won’t be able to acquire any more through Clan Games until you’ve depleted the one you already have. On the other hand, the most recent clan game was a Builder Gold Runes competition, and I believe that this clan game’s only prize is a Gold Rune (Home Village only).

Where is the Magic Item storage?

Storage. Both the Town Hall and the Builder Hall serve as storage locations for your collection of Magic Items. There is a maximum number of each Magic Item that can be kept in your inventory at any given time. If you participate in Clan Games or Season Challenges, for example, and you win a free Magic Item, you will only be able to collect it if your inventory has space for it. If your inventory is full, you will not be able to win the item.