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How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4


In order to advance in the Pro Athlete career path, the Sim must perform a daily activity in the game called researching opponents. Players can select the approach that is most straightforward because there are different ways that Sims can finish this assignment. Or, depending on the circumstance, they can switch between the two. In Sims 4, starting a career on the athlete track is fairly easy. The player will be presented with a list of available jobs after the player’s Sims have used their phones to search for employment. The athlete profession is then available for players to choose. You may learn how to research opponents in The Sims 4 by reading this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4

Players must first instruct their Sim to select the Athlete Career from the selection of careers. To complete this step, they can either utilize a computer or a phone. Pick Find a Job under the Work category on the phone (it resembles a suitcase).

How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4

There will be a list of every profession available in The Sims 4 right now. The Athlete Career can now be chosen by searching for it. The PC is fairly easy to use. To choose the Career option, Simmers must click on it. After that, select Find an employment to start your employment search.

How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4

The player’s Sim will begin working as a Waterperson after choosing the Athlete career, and their daily chore will be to Work Out. The Sim will advance after working for some time and finishing the daily responsibilities.

How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4

Simmers will have two options when they reach the fourth promotion: bodybuilder or professional athlete. Players must select the second option in order to receive the job to “Study Opponents.”

How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4

Then, Sims players have two options for studying their opponents. The first is done with a computer:

  • Access any computer.
  • Decide on the Web option.
  • Choose study rivals

Players must make sure that their Sim’s requirements are met because the procedure takes roughly two hours (in Sims time). Additionally, Energized would be the ideal state of mind for this endeavor. A exercise or an energy drink will undoubtedly put the Sim in the correct frame of mind. Another option is to select the Active characteristic when creating a Sim (CAS) under the Emotional category.

How to Study Opponents in The Sims 4

The second method is using the television. To use the opportunity to study opponents, players merely need to press on TV. This approach is more useful because Simmers can perform other tasks while watching television. For instance, a treadmill positioned in front of a television allows the Sim to study their opponents while they exercise.


Why can’t i browse intelligence Sims 4?

Any computer will have a Browse Intelligence Database option under the Web section. This is possibly the reason why so many gamers struggle to find the choice. It would make more sense if it were listed on the computer under the Career category.

Where is the secret area in Sims 4?

There are two secret base game planets. One is the lovely cave in Oasis Springs (Base Game), which is hidden inside an old mine entrance. If your sim has a handiness level of 10, they can enter the mine. It is situated behind Affluista Mansion and Desert Bloom Park.

What is the search function in Sims 4?

You may use The Sims 4’s Build Mode’s intriguing Search Box to look for specific categories or items. Above the Build Mode interface in the bottom left corner is where you may find it.

Can you be a detective in sims 4?

The Detective Career may be the most challenging and engaging of the three vocations included in that set. While you are not need to accompany your Sim to work, you will need to go a few times if you want them to advance in their profession.