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How To Take Cover In GTA 5


In Rockstar Games’ (RGS) latest game, GTA 5, players take on the role of a protagonist who is on the trail of a fugitive. The goal is to find and take cover behind a bushel of trees.

The approach is simple: position yourself so that you have a clear view of the event you’re trying to prevent. Once the fugitive is in front of your tree, point your gun at his head and pull the trigger.

This isn’t some novel idea RGS has to offer: in real life, it’s always important to take cover. It’s also necessary for players who want to succeed in Gta5. The more people who are prepared to do just that, the more successful Gta5 will be.

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Players New To GTA 5 Might Find Controls Complex

However, a significant portion of the player population is brand new to the game. The game’s hardware requirements in 2013 were on the upper end of gaming setups. However, as time has passed, gamers have gained access to superior gaming settings at substantially lesser rates.

They’ll be able to play GTA 5 on almost any gaming setup now, making it the ideal game to take up for anyone who missed it when it first came out. The complicated control methods that GTA 5 is known for, however, are a frequent concern for novice players.

Taking Cover In GTA 5 For PC

For many gamers, the default controls for GTA 5 on PC might be a little confusing and unsettling. New players should attempt to map the controls to their preferences as soon as they begin the game.

Here’s how you can take cover in GTA 5 for PC.

  1. Start GTA 5
  2. Pause the Game
  3. Select Settings
  4. Under Settings, navigate to Key Bindings
  5. Look for the control for ‘Cover’
  6. Press Enter on ‘Take Cover’
  7. Select the Key you want to assign to ‘Take Cover’

So, the next time you’re in a gunfight with several attackers, you should perform the following to get under cover safely:

Press the ‘Take Cover’ key as you run/walk up to the nearest chest-high wall.

It may be used against buildings, barrels, and automobiles, among other things.

Other Helpful Tips For Playing Gta5

In order to take cover, players need to keep in mind the following:

  • Your role in Gta5 is small. Don’t worry, there is still value in playing the game.
  • Players who take too long to take cover will never get through the game.
  • Play the game with your eyes open. This will help you understand what’s happening around you and give you a better sense of where to place your body.
  • Use this guide as a starting point if you want to take cover:
  • Make sure you have enough food and water for your situation
  • Make sure your location is stable and safe
  • Make sure you have your weapon and ammo
  • Make sure you are ready to run
  • Play the game with all options active, so that you can always know where you are and when you are ready to retreat.

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