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How to Tame a Wild Boar in Fortnite In Season 6?


Have you ever wondered how to tame a wild boar in Fortnite? If so, you’re not alone. It’s actually an easy process that only takes a few minutes if you know what to do. Boars can be tough opponents when they are on the battlefield, but with these simple steps, taming one will become like taking candy from a baby (or at least not as challenging).

How to Tame A Boar in Fortnite

1) The first thing is to find and locate your target boar;

2) Once found, it’s important for players to take note of the health bar. A full health bar means that it’s too soon for players to engage in battle;

3) Players should then use their pickaxe or any other weapon to weaken the boar until it has around one-quarter of its health remaining;

The next step is crucial for those looking to tame the wild boar.

Players need to approach the animal and get within close proximity, making sure not to aggro it in the meantime. Once they have successfully done so, a prompt will appear and players will have to start feeding the boar. This is done by pressing “E” on PC or holding down on the Xbox controller, which will initiate a food bar. The player must then fill up the entire bar in order to tame the boar.

It’s as simple as that! With these easy steps, any player can tame a wild boar and add it to their collection of creatures in Fortnite. Now get out there and start hunting!