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How to Tame An Allay in Minecraft


ALLAYS will be one of the monsters added in the 1.19 The Wild update, and they will be able to attack and inflict damage on other players. Players can interact with these light blue impish beings, which are designed to aid them in retrieving goods that have been placed on the ground. In order to accomplish this, the player will present them with a starter item, after which they will acquire additional objects of the same type and place them near noteblocks.

If you’re talking about farms and automated systems, they’re intriguing mobs with which players will be able to get themselves into all sorts of difficulty in the game. The allay must first be discovered and tamed before this can be accomplished.

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How to Find and Tame Minecraft’s Allay

1) Finding allays

Allays can be found in two different areas on the island of Allay. Both areas, on the other hand, are connected conceptually to one another. Their cages are made of dark wood, and they are found in groups of one to three people, and they are available in a number of sizes.

Pillagers constructed these cages in the vicinity of their outposts to protect themselves from capture. Additionally, they can be found in a variety of various settings other from woodlands.

This place, as well as the jails that are housed within the estate, can be discovered in groups of one to three individuals. A group of allays can spawn within each jail cell, allowing players to have an abundance of allays or a small number of allays depending on the randomness of the circumstance they find themselves in.

2) Taming allays

Unfortunately, Mojang has not yet confirmed if the allay can be tamed in the same way as a cat or a wolf can, or whether it would merely follow the player while holding an object or assigned to specific noteblocks, as has been suggested. The method through which allays grow friendly with the player, on the other hand, is known.

In our previous knowledge, we have learned that providing an item to an allay and allowing it to carry the item will cause the allay to grow friendly with the player and will proceed to follow the player around while searching for more of the object in its hands.

After a while of following the player, they search within a 32-block radius of the player. They have the ability to follow the player up to a distance of 1024 blocks. Ender pearls and snowballs are the only goods that may be carried in one inventory slot at a time, and they can hold up to 64 stackable items at a time.



What does the Allay do in Minecraft?

The Allay is a helper mob that enjoys collecting various goods. This may be a collectible, something you’ve made, or a block you mined, according to the game’s creator, Mojang. Allay will fly over the area gathering up and collecting any of the object you hand it, and it will do the same for any other similar item it sees laying on the ground.

Is allay friendly in Minecraft?

The allay is a brand-new creature that looks like a blue sprite with a cute face. They’re not just friendly, but they’re also actively helpful. You can give them goods, which will result in you making a new buddy who will assist you in retrieving that item from a nearby location.