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How to Throw Things in Atomic Heart


Atomic Heart is crawling with dangerous robots, many of which are able to be summoned to attack you if a Dandelion Security Camera determines that you are present in that area. The good news is that in order to divert the focus of these cameras away from yourself, all you need to do is throw anything in the direction of the room where they are located. This will accomplish the desired result. By reading this essay, you will get the knowledge necessary to throw things or objects into the atomic heart. So let’s get started:

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How to Throw Things in Atomic Heart

This mechanic will come into play most prominently in Atomic Heart when you are attempting to divert the attention of the Dandelion Security Cameras; however, it can also be utilized in other contexts. Making use of the glove’s throwing ability can be challenging; therefore, you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you struggle with this skill. The following is a guide on how to toss items in Atomic Heart.

How to Throw Things in Atomic Heart

  • Target an item with your cursor’s aiming.
  • To start the scan, press the button (R1 on PS5).
  • Aim the thing where you want it to land when you throw it.
  • Keep your finger on the scan button.
  • As the glove begins to vibrate, you should let go.

How to Throw Things in Atomic Heart

Before you may attempt to take an object, you have to first position the cursor so that it is directly over the item. In the event that you do not, you will be unable to move the cursor over the item in order to choose it and take it. You have complete control over how much power you put into the throw; however, if you do not fully depress the button, the object will not travel very far.


Does Atomic Heart have a 6 hour cutscene?

Although a few of the cutscenes are quite lengthy (and some could even argue that they are too lengthy), the total run time is not even close to six hours. In point of fact, almost all of them are finished in under six minutes! You should not thus anticipate being required to remain seated there for the whole of the main quest or any of the optional objectives.

The topic of how much time it will take to complete the game is consistently one of the most often asked queries by players. On a typical playthrough, Atomic Heart will consume approximately 25 hours of your time.

How many endings does Atomic Heart have?

In point of fact, Atomic Heart only has two possible endings, yet each of them bring the story to a satisfying conclusion in very distinctive ways. The two possible conclusions to Atomic Heart are broken down below, along with a rundown of the requirements necessary to reach each conclusion. Warning: the next post reveals significant plot details from the movie Atomic Heart.

How to use shock Atomic Heart?

In Atomic Heart, to utilise the scanner, simply double-tap R1 on the PlayStation (or RB on Xbox), and then keep holding R1 / RB after the second push.

Is Atomic Heart a horror game?

Atomic Heart is more comparable to games like Doom or Bioshock than it is to horror games because it never truly leans into a horror environment. There are some robots that, while not all of them are terrifying, have a certain quality about them that gives you the creeps.

Is Atomic Heart hard?

Because this is the hardest difficulty setting, you can anticipate that the foes will keep you on your toes the entire time the game is being played. You have to make use of all of the game’s mechanics to prevail over your opponents, and you have to level up the relevant talents to give yourself an advantage over them. They will also have a significant amount of health, making it necessary to fire a greater number of shots at them.