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How to Trim a TikTok Video


TikTok’s length restrictions are one of the app’s defining characteristics. The length of the videos that users share on TikTok can range anywhere from one second up to one minute, and the software provides users granular control over the duration of their own films. On the other hand, utilizing and comprehending these controls isn’t usually the easiest thing in the world.

If you want to upload a video from your phone’s library to TikTok, or if you recently made a video in the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android, here’s how to trim it to the appropriate length. The procedure is as follows:

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How to Trim a TikTok Video

You just shot 

1. Once you have finished filming your video in TikTok and the recording has completed, select the red checkmark icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

2. Navigate to the top-right area of the screen and look for the term “Adjust clips” as well as the associated symbol.

How to Trim a TikTok Video

3. A bar that appears at the bottom of the screen will display your video clip in its entirety. Select “Save” in the upper-right hand corner of the screen after setting the beginning and finishing times of the clip using the red sliders located on either side of the screen.

How to Trim a TikTok Video

4. After making your selections for how you want to post, hit “Next,” and then either “Post” or “Drafts” to save the file depending on which option you chose earlier.

From your phone library 

1. Launch the TikTok app on your device and select the plus sign located in the screen’s bottom-center.

2. Find the movie on your phone that you want to add, then tap it, and then tap “Next.” The “Upload” button is located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

How to Trim a TikTok Video

3. To adjust the beginning and ending times of the clip, use the red sliders located at the bottom of the screen, and then click the “Next” button.

How to Trim a TikTok Video

4. After you have added any desired effects or music to the video, you can either share it or save it to your draughts.


Where is the trim button on TikTok?

Launch the TikTok app, tap the plus sign located at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the “Add sound” option located towards the top of the screen. After selecting the sound you want, you will need to select the scissors icon that is located next to it. You will now be taken to TikTok’s sound editor when you click this! From this vantage point, the process of reducing a TikTok sound is fairly intuitive.

Why won’t TikTok let me trim the sound?

It is crucial to note that the trim sound tool on TikTok cannot be used to make a custom mix before learning how to use it since you are unable to trim a sound in order to do so. In a similar manner, the sound trim option cannot be utilised unless the length of the sound being recorded is longer than the time duration preset that was chosen when the video was being filmed.

Why can’t I edit sounds on TikTok?

The original audio cannot be edited in any way, unfortunately. To accomplish this, you will need to use an external tool to trim the audio, and then use TikTok to produce a new sound. You’re all set! You can put the finishing touches on your video by applying effects, filters, stickers, and text from this screen.