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How to Turn Closed Captions On and Off on Your Roku


The “Closed Captions” function is one of those Roku features that appears simple to activate when you do not use it, but might be challenging to locate when it is required. If the audio in a movie or TV show is difficult to hear or if you require aid with hearing, you may find that the accessibility feature known as “Closed Captions,” which displays the dialogue in a movie or TV show in text form, is helpful in understanding both the conversation and the action. You may control Closed Captions from the Settings menu on your Roku, or you can rapidly turn it on or off while you’re viewing a show.

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How to Turn Closed Captions On and Off on Your Roku

1. Using the remote control for your Roku device, press the Home button.

2. In the menu that is on the leftmost side of the screen, use the down arrow button to get to the “Settings” option, and then press the right arrow button.

How to Turn Closed Captions On and Off on Your Roku

3. First, use the left and right arrow buttons to get to the “Accessibility” option, and then select it using the right arrow button.

How to Turn Closed Captions On and Off on Your Roku

4. Press the right arrow button to select the “Captions mode” option.

5. You now have the ability to switch Closed Captions on, off, or set them to activate only during replays. This means that the captions will only become active once you have pressed the replay button on your remote control.

How to Turn Closed Captions On and Off on Your Roku

There are few older Roku systems that do not provide an Accessibility menu. You will instead find the option labelled “Captions” within the Settings menu.

There are several streaming services for which the Roku cannot display closed captions. If you are using a certain streaming service and the closed captions aren’t working, you should check for a setting for the closed captions inside the options for that particular streaming provider. Quite frequently, it will be located on the same page that you use to choose whatever episode of a show you wish to watch.


Why does my closed caption stopped working?

In the same way that television transmissions might experience reception issues, so can signals for closed captioning. Check to see that the teletext TV or decoder you are using is tuned correctly if the text of your closed captions is jumbled, if there are lines missing, or if the captions show on various lines. To retune your TV, you might need to consult the instruction handbook that came with it.

Why can’t I get the closed caption off my TV?

If the Closed Captioning option in the TV menu is set to Off, but the feature is still being displayed, then the closed captioning is being generated by a different device, such as a set-top box for cable or satellite television. It is necessary to turn off the Closed Captioning feature on the device that is responsible for decoding the Closed Captioned signal in order to remove the closed captioning from the television screen.

What is captions mode on Roku?

You can improve your comprehension of the dialogue, voiceovers, and action on the screen by using the accessibility option known as “closed captions,” which shows text on screen. Some streaming applications available on Roku come with their very own Closed Caption setting.

Why does closed captioning not work with HDMI?

No longer are captions analogue signals that are buried in the raster scan of an analogue TV signal; instead, they are digital. Bits make up the digital captions that are stored in the transmission. The difficulty arises from the fact that HDMI connectors can only transmit audio and video signals. They are not capable of transporting the digital captions.