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How to Turn Find My iPad On or Off


It is explained in this post how to enable or disable the Find My iPad function. When you enable the function, you will be able to track the device. You’ll need to switch off the function before you sell or give your iPad to someone. Instructions are provided for iPadOS 14 through iPhone iOS 9.

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What Is Find My iPad?

When it comes to the iPad, one of the most useful features is the Find My iPad function, which you can access by pressing the Home button. It can locate an iPad via GPS, or it can locate an iPad that has been hidden under a sofa or behind a pillow, depending on the situation. To locate a misplaced device, play a sound on the iPad using an iPhone or a computer connected to the internet. There are other options available through Find My iPad, including as Lost Mode, and you may remotely wipe the iPad clean if it has been stolen.

Remove the Find My iPad function and then restore the iPad to its factory original settings if you want to sell or give it away. Additionally, before having any repairs done on your iPad, switch off Find My iPad.

How to Turn Find My iPad On and Off

To enable or disable the function, go to the iPad’s settings and select the appropriate option. If you know where your iPad is, you can use Find My iPad to locate it.

1. To begin, open the Settings programme.

2. To change your name in the Settings box, click on the drop-down menu next to it.

3. In iOS 12 and earlier versions, select iCloud from the drop-down menu. Change the option to Find My and go to Step 5. To go to Step 5, select Find My instead (in current iPadOS versions, select Find My instead of Find My).

4. Find My iPad may be found under the Apps Using iCloud area of the App Store.

5. To make the Find My iPad feature active, flip the switch to the on position. To make the feature inactive, toggle the switch to the off position (or vice versa).

6. The Give Last Position feature may be enabled on the iPad’s settings page in order to give Apple its location information when the battery is running low. This allows you to locate your iPad even if the iPad’s power has been exhausted and it has been turned off.



Can Apple Find My iPhone?

Apple’s Find My app makes it simple to keep track of all of your iOS devices. Locate the things to which you’ve linked an AirTag. In addition, remain in touch with friends and family. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac – even if the devices you’re looking for aren’t connected to the internet.

Can you track a phone if the location is off?

Yes, both iOS and Android phones can be followed even when they are not connected to the internet. There are a number of mapping applications available that can monitor the location of your phone even if you do not have an Internet connection at the time.