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How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller


If you want to turn off a particular Switch controller while keeping one or more of the other controllers powered on, you can do so by using the Change Grip/Order option. This is the most effective approach to taking on this challenge. You can modify the order in which your controllers are displayed on the screen by selecting the Joy-Con icon on the home screen of the Switch. This allows you to change the order in which your controllers are displayed. On this screen, the power for any controllers that are not being actively utilized will be automatically shut off after a set period of time. You will learn how to turn off individual Switch controllers by reading the information contained in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller

The steps necessary to turn off the power to each individual Switch controller are as follows:

1. Simply pressing the “home” button that can be found on the controller or Joy-Con that is being used at the moment will allow you to visit the home screen.

2. Choose the Controller option from the home screen by tapping the icon that looks like two Joy-Con controllers.

How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller

3. Select Change Grip/Order.

How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller

4. If you want to keep using the same controller (or controllers), you will need to keep holding down the L and R buttons on that controller (or those controllers).

How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller

5. The controller that you select will keep its connection and continue to function normally, while the power to any other controllers that were previously powered on will be turned off automatically.

How to Turn Off a Specific Nintendo Switch Controller


How long do Joy-Cons last battery?

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers require a full charge for around three and a half hours. The Joy-Con controllers have a battery that, once completely charged, has the potential to last for around 20 hours. This could be significantly cut down in length based on the software package and functions that are being utilised.

Do Joy-Cons stop charging when full?

When the Joy-battery Con’s charge is about complete, it is normal for the Joy-Con to cease charging, and the recharge LED will turn off. This occurs when the battery charge is approximately full.

Do Switch controllers charge when docked?

Docking the controllers to the edges of the Nintendo Switch console will automatically charge them, making it one of the most convenient methods available for charging them. Assuming that the main tablet-like component of the console has power, the moment you attach the controllers to the console, it will begin charging them, and the process does not take too much time.

Do Joy-Cons lose battery when not in use?

Even after they are totally removed, batteries will still discharge naturally. While putting away something, make sure the battery is charged to at least 50–60% if you won’t be using it for months or longer. This is vital to keep in mind when storing electronic devices because they become damaged if they are allowed to entirely discharge their batteries.

Will Joy-Cons charge in Sleep Mode?

It is necessary for the Nintendo Switch console to be powered on or in Sleep Mode, as well as linked to its AC adapter, in order for the Joy-Con controllers to charge while they are attached to the system.

Can Switch controllers charge without Switch?

When the Joy-Con controllers are detached from the Switch, the Charging Grip can be used to charge the Joy-Con. Additionally, this includes a USB-C connector, and in order to charge those controllers, you must put the cord into the Grip, which can be purchased separately for $29.99.