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How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome on Mac


Do you like using Dark Mode on your Mac? If so, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to turn off. In this article, we will show you how to disable Dark Mode in Chrome on your Mac. Keep in mind that disabling Dark Mode may not be necessary if you are only using it temporarily. Let’s get started!

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How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome on Mac

  • To open the menu, you must first click on the Apple logo.
  • Launch the Preferences menu for the system.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome on Mac

  • Choose the General option.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome on Mac

  • Make your selection under the “Appearance” tab. You have the option of selecting Light, Dark, or Auto.
  • Pick the Light option.

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Chrome on Mac

The dark mode has been added to Google Chrome, and you can now use it.


Why is my Chrome in dark mode Mac?

Chrome utilises the Dark Mode that is system-wide on iPhones, Windows computers, and Macs in order to darken its interface elements. Both mobile phones and laptops are seeing an increase in the use of OLED panels in recent years. The real black backdrop causes the colours to stand out more and causes the writing to be more legible. It would appear that Google is experimenting with a different colour scheme for the dark mode search results.

Why is Chrome suddenly dark?

In order to prevent the black window from appearing in the Chrome browser, you need turn off the setting that enables hardware acceleration. Bring Google Chrome back to its initial settings. If you are still having problems with the black screen, you can test to see if the problem is caused by a configuration error by resetting the Chrome browser to its factory settings.

How do I change my Google chrome background from black to white?

First, fire up Chrome and navigate to the Themes section of the Chrome Web Store. Step 2: On that page, you will see a listing of a variety of themes, beginning with Chrome’s collection of themes. Simply select the look you want to use by clicking on the appropriate icon. Step 3: Find the theme that you wish to use for Chrome and click the Add to Chrome button.

How do I change from dark to light in Chrome Mac?

For those who utilise Macs

Then, to achieve this look, follow the procedures outlined in the instructions that are provided below: First, access your System Preferences by selecting the Apple dock menu. A new window has appeared, and the option General is being selected at this time. On the very top, switch the Appearance setting from Dark or Auto to the very first item, which is Light.

How do I turn off Force darker in Chrome?

You can turn off Chrome’s dark mode by switching the theme on your Android phone.

Go into your phone’s Settings and select Display in order to delete it from your device. To disable the dark theme, turn off the toggle that’s next to it. Go into your phone’s settings and select Battery if you want to turn off the battery saver.