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How to Create a Thread on Discord on Your Desktop


If you would like to begin a conversation on your Discord server, you can do so by initiating a thread inside of one of its channels. You will be able to initiate a discussion about a topic in a temporary section of the channel by doing so. This will allow you to do so without overwhelming the ongoing chat with responses from other users. If you are using a computer, you can initiate a conversation within a Discord channel by posting a message. If you go through each of the quick instructions that are listed below, we will demonstrate how to do it:

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How to Create a Thread on Discord on Your Desktop

1. Launch the desktop application for Discord or go to their web browser client online and sign in to access your account.

2. You will need to go to one of your servers and pick the text channel on that server before you can begin a thread.

3. After selecting the “Create Thread” option from the menu, the “Create Thread” button will become active in the message field.

How to Create a Thread on Discord on Your Desktop

4. After a period of inactivity, the thread name, message, and archive countdown should be added.

How to Create a Thread on Discord on Your Desktop

5. Simply beginning a new thread on the channel can be done by clicking the button labelled “Create Thread.”

Please be aware that the owner of the server or one of its administrators has the ability to prevent members from beginning new threads. If you are unable to use this function on the server you prefer, please contact one of the administrators for assistance.

People who post in threads on servers with a higher boost level have access to a greater variety of features. Members of level two servers, for instance, have the ability to begin private discussions and to adjust the archive countdown to a period of one week.


What is creating a thread in discord?

A Discord Thread is nothing more than a branching conversation that does not appear in the primary chat area of the platform. A thread’s one and only job is to declutter a server’s main chat channel while still allowing users to have in-depth conversations about certain topics.

Are discord threads permanent?

Within twenty-four hours, topics will be automatically archived by Discord in an effort to limit the amount of clutter in channels. After a thread has been archived, you will still be able to view it in the archive tab, but you won’t be able to post a reply to it.

Do Discord messages delete forever?

Are Messages on Discord That Have Been Deleted Permanently Gone? Users of Discord are aware that there is no way to recover communications that have been erased. This is due to the fact that when a message is deleted, it is gone from the servers in a manner that cannot be recovered.

How do you start a group message on discord?

The first thing that needs to be done is to add your pals to your friends list. As soon as you have that aspect under control, pull up your friends list, and have a look at the new group DM button: After clicking the button, a window will appear listing all of the people on your friends list who can be added to the newly created group direct message (DM).