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How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro


The AirPods Pro’s Transparency Mode is perhaps the most impressive feature due to the fact that it mutes ambient noise while retaining the user’s ability to hear important details. There are three different applications for it, and the one that you select will be dependant on the circumstances. This article will discuss the AirPods Pro Transparency Mode, including what it is, what it does, and the three different methods that it may be activated and deactivated. Both the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Pro Max versions support the Transparency Mode feature, but your smartphone has to be running iOS 13.2 or iPadOS 13.2 in order to use it. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro

The following are the detailed instructions for activating Transparency Mode using any one of the three available methods:

Using Control Center

The most straightforward approach is to activate the transparency option in the Control Center.

1. You can use either your iPhone or iPad to connect the AirPods.

2. Launch the Control Center (you may accomplish this on some models by swiping down from the top right corner). On other devices, use the swipe motion to move up from the bottom).

3. Hold down the volume slider for a few seconds (when the AirPods are connected, it will display an icon of them).

How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro

4. To adjust the volume, use the slider.

How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro

5. Use the Transparency button.

How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro

Using Settings

You may also activate Transparency Mode on your AirPods by going into the Settings app on your iOS device. Even though it requires a few more clicks, it will accomplish what has to be done.

1. Establish a connection between your device and the AirPods Pro.

2. Simply tapping the Settings app will launch it.

3. Make use of Bluetooth.

How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro

4. Tap the question mark symbol that’s located next to the AirPods Pro.

5. Tap the Transparency button located in the Noise Control section.

How to Turn On Transparency Mode on an AirPods Pro

Using the AirPods

You don’t even have to touch your device in order to activate the Transparency Mode feature. To change the settings of your AirPods, all you need to do is touch the AirPods themselves if you’ve done everything correctly. To play or pause audio, or to answer or end phone conversations, press and hold the stem of one of the AirPods. This is the same spot you press to control volume. Continue to push the button until you hear a chime. You have progressed through the various Noise Control settings—Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off—whenever the chime goes off. When Transparency Mode is active, you can relax your grip on the stem.


How long do AirPod pros last on Transparency mode?

It is our understanding that the noise cancelling mode and the Transparency mode have roughly the same impact on the amount of time a single charge will provide, which is approximately six hours (plus an additional twenty-four hours in the case).

Does transparency mode make you hear better?

Apple recently announced a new feature for its AirPods Pro headphones called Headphone Accommodations, which has the ability to assist users who have hearing loss. Headphone Accommodations is a feature that, when used with the Transparency mode, applies a frequency-dependent boost that the user can customise in order to help them better hear the sounds around them.

Does transparency mode reduce noise?

By switching to the Transparency mode on your AirPods Pro when they are linked to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you will be able to limit the amount of background noise that you are aware of.

Is Transparency mode worth it with AirPods?

When you put the new AirPods Pro into transparency mode, one of the features that makes them so fantastic is that they let you hear everything that is going on around you. Even while you were listening in transparent mode, the prior version would muffle some of the sound. In the past, when I wore my old Pros, I frequently found that I needed to remove one of them in the midst of a conversation.