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How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook


The social networking site Facebook is a fantastic method to remain in touch with family and friends, especially those who live far away from one another. The unfortunate reality is that your friends’ list is likely to be full of people you can’t unfriend but who you don’t want to hear from anymore.

Thanks to Facebook, unfollowing someone is an easy way to achieve this goal. Furthermore, if you unfollow someone’s Facebook postings, they will not be aware of your decision. Users are unable to view a list of friends who aren’t following them on Facebook, according to the company.

Following a page on Facebook means that you will no longer receive alerts or updates in your News Feed when you unfollow it. Using the manual navigation method, you may still view the page and its articles.

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How to Unfollow Facebook Friends

Your Facebook News Feed is a quick way to stay up to date on the activities of family and friends, and it is updated every minute. If you have a Facebook friend who consistently posts, shares articles, and engages in opinion rants that anger, insult or bore you; unfortunately, this is a common scenario.

Fortunately, unfollowing that friend on Facebook is a simple process that ensures you don’t see their updates. You’ll continue to be Facebook friends informally, and you’ll be able to communicate with each other using Messenger, but you won’t have to see their postings when you open your News Feed. Here’s how you unfollow a Facebook friend in the easiest way possible.

Unfollowing a Facebook friend may be accomplished in a variety of ways. Unfollow someone through a post, their profile page, or from the News Feed Preferences section in the Settings menu of Facebook.

Unfollow From a Post

1. To unfollow someone, go to any of their posts and click “Unfollow.”

2. Select the three dots that appear in the upper right corner of their post.

3. Select Unfollow. You won’t see any more of this person’s posts, but you’re still Facebook friends.

Unfollow From Their Profile Page

Listed below is yet another method of unfollowing a Facebook friend.

1. Navigate to the profile page of the buddy whose company you wish to terminate.

2. Hover your cursor over Following in the vicinity of their cover photo. In the app, you may get this information by tapping the three dots underneath their cover photo.

3. Select Unfollow. (On the app, tap Following and then tap Unfollow.)

Unfollow From News Feed Preferences

Here’s yet another method of unfollowing someone on social media.

1. Navigate to your profile page and click on the arrow in the top menu bar to the right. (To access this feature in the app, press the three horizontal lines at the bottom.)

2. Select News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu. (In the app, go to Settings and then News Feed Preferences to customise your news feed.)

3. Unfollow people and groups to hide their posts from your timeline.

4. Select the person you want to unfollow from your list, and then click on Done.

How To Re-Follow Unfollowed Facebook Friends

If you change your mind and want to read postings from your unfollowed buddy again, it’s simple to re-follow them on Instagram.

1. Go to your Facebook profile page and fill out the form.

2. To access the down arrow, go to the top menu bar and choose it. (To access this feature in the app, press the three horizontal lines at the bottom.)

3. Select News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu. (In the app, go to Settings and then News Feed Preferences to customise your news feed.)

4. Select Re-establish contact with persons and groups that you have previously unfollowed.

5. Select the person you want to reconnect with, and then select Done. You’ll once again see this person’s posts on your News Feed.



What is the difference between unfriend and unfollow on Facebook?

You will be removed from the person’s friends list and they will be removed from yours when you Unfriend them on Facebook. When you Unfollow someone on Facebook, you will no longer see their postings in your News Feed, but you will still be friends with them on the social networking site. You can also choose to unfollow a specific Page or group.

Is it better to unfriend or unfollow?

You Should Take the Initiative and Break Free

If you don’t want the other person to see your posts and you’re fine with them not seeing yours, but you don’t want to block them, you may unfriend them on Facebook instead of blocking them. It’s possible to unfollow someone if their posts are causing you distress.