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How to Do Subscript in Google Docs


Whether you’re calculating the speed of light or filing a copyright claim, knowing how to use superscripts and subscripts is essential knowledge for every math student. When it comes to Google Docs, you may take use of several convenient keyboard shortcuts. User-friendly formatting features are well-known for the word processor’s user interface.

It is possible to add subscript in Google Docs in a few easy steps, which we will demonstrate in this post.

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How to Subscript in Google Docs?

Subscripts are characters that are placed below or at the bottom of the regular type line, as the name implies. The Latin term meaning “below” or “under” is translated as “below” or “under.” They are frequently identifiable in scientific publications as constituents of chemical substances and mathematical functions, among other things. When writing the molecular formula for water (H20), for example, the use of a subscript is required.

It goes without saying that subscripts are not restricted to isotopes and equations. The computer science field is the second most common field in which these characters are employed. Characters like this are used to represent the value of some number systems, such as the binary and the hexadecimal systems, among others.

Subscripts can be used for brevity, which is a more practical application. You’ve undoubtedly come across the following terms in formal correspondence: a/s (which stands for “addressed to the subject”) and a/c (which stands for “addressed to the recipient”) (meaning account of).

Subscripts are also useful for representing percentages (percent) and miles per gallon (per mile).

Subscripts are included in the text layout of Google Docs, as is only natural. It’s extremely similar to the process of adding a superscript, so be cautious not to confuse the two. The following is an example of how to subscript in Google Docs:

1. Select the section of the text where you wish the subscript to appear.

2. Using the upper menu bar, select “Format” to begin.

3. Click on “Text.”

4. Select “Subscript” from the list of text-formatting choices on the right-hand side of the screen.

The use of subscript for adding comments to full lines of text is effective for styling entire lines of text. If you’re working on a collective project, this may be really beneficial.

There are other keyboard shortcuts for the subscript symbol. Google Docs has a collection of documents that you may use. Here’s a friendly reminder:

1. If you have your own Windows 10 or Google OC, hold CTRL + /. To access the list on Apple keyboards, hit the keys + / and /.

2. Locate the “Text Formatting” area on the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Look for the phrase “Subscript.”

4. Take a look at the shortcut.
Attempt to use the shortcut by pressing it on your keyboard; if it doesn’t work, return to the previous part of our guide (The Easy Way to Do Superscript in Google Docs).


Additional FAQs

How do you type a subscript?

Choose the text or number that you wish to use.
To create a superscript, hold down the Ctrl key while pressing Shift and the plus symbol (+). To create a subscript, hold down the Ctrl key and the Equal symbol (=) at the same time. (Do not hold down the Shift key.)

How do you make a subscript on Google keyboard?

To input a superscript or fraction of a number, hold down the number on your Gboard for a lengthy period of time. An arrow will appear next to the long-pressed number, displaying the superscript of the long-pressed number as well as a list of common fractions that employ the long-pressed number as a numerator. For example, holding down the number 1 for a lengthy period of time may reveal possibilities such as 12 and 14.