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How to Unlike a Post on Facebook


On Facebook, hating a post is equally as significant as liking it in terms of communicating to the network the adverts you are most interested in viewing. You can reduce the number of advertisements that are displayed on your Facebook feed that are not relevant to your interests by “unliking” specific websites or posts on Facebook that publish content that you find to be offensive or uninteresting. This will help you see fewer advertisements that are not relevant to your interests. In contrast to the status updates that you post on Facebook, there are times when you just want to. By reading this article, you will become familiar with the process of disliking a post on Facebook. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlike a Post on Facebook

Through Activity Log:

1. After opening Facebook, locate the down arrow in the top right corner of the screen and click on it.

How to Unlike a Post on Facebook

2. Choose your selection from the drop-down option labeled “Settings & Privacy.”

How to Unlike a Post on Facebook

3. Choose “Activity Log” from the menu.

How to Unlike a Post on Facebook

4. Simply select the “Interactions” tab.

How to Unlike a Post on Facebook

5. Choose the option labeled “Likes and reactions.”

How to Unlike a Post on Facebook

6. Click the checkbox(es) located next to the post(s) that you do not desire to view.

7. Simply select the “Delete” option to proceed.

8. In contrast to a post that you had previously loved, click “Remove” once more.

How to Unlike a Post on Facebook


Why can’t I unlike a post on Facebook?

There are situations when the issue can be traced back to a flaw in the user’s browser, app, or even Facebook itself. Before you make another attempt to unlike that post, you might want to try clearing the cache in your browser, upgrading the app, or switching to a different browser. Although Facebook does not keep track of this, it is possible that it will no longer be possible to unlike a Facebook page that has been deleted.

What happens if I like and immediately unlike Facebook?

Even if you decide immediately away that you don’t like the photo, the person whose photo you liked may still be alerted that you chose to like it. Yet, successfully concealing your likeness is highly dependent on both timing and luck. You have the choice to either cancel your account or block the user who liked your post inadvertently if you want to guarantee that no one will know that you liked their post by accident.

What happens if you accidentally like a post you already liked?

The only way for someone to see that you accidentally liked anything is if they refreshed their notifications at the same time that you made the mistake. Then, the notification will display. After they perform another refresh of their alerts, the “like” icon will no longer be visible to them.

Does deleting Facebook delete your likes?

If you are referring to Facebook, then the answer is no! The “Like Counter” will still record your vote of approval for a person’s photo even after you have deactivated your account and the account you liked. On the other hand, your name would not be displayed in the box labeled “Members who appreciated your photo/post.”

Can someone see you liked their post if you block them?

When you block a user, all of their previous interactions with your photographs and videos, including likes and comments, will be deleted. When you unblock someone, their past likes and comments will not be brought back. Even if you block someone, they will still be able to see any posts that you liked or commented on that were shared by a public account or an account that they follow.