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How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram


The social media platform Instagram was bought by Meta (previously known as just Facebook) in 2012. Instagram loading screen with the caption “From Facebook” has just lately begun to appear on your phone’s display screen. Users of Facebook were able to link their accounts to their Instagram sites far earlier than that. Linking accounts makes it simple to share content across many platforms at the same time and makes your social media experience more seamless.

To unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts, follow the steps outlined in the following article: This document also contains instructions on how to minimize the activity between the two accounts without totally unlinking them.

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How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram

It is much easier to cross-post between your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can also locate Facebook friends to connect with on Instagram and publish Instagram tales as Facebook stories when you link your accounts. Unlinking Instagram and Facebook will allow you to keep your social media identities separate if you have privacy concerns or wish to reduce your social media activity.

Here’s how to log out of your Facebook account and into your Instagram account.

1.On your iOS or Android smart device, launch the Instagram app and tap on your profile symbol in the lower-right corner to begin posting content.

2.Menu: In the upper-right corner, tap the Menu icon (three lines on iOS, three dots on Android) to bring up the menu.

3.Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

4.Select Accounts Center from the drop-down menu.

5.Select Accounts and profiles from the drop-down menu.

6.Choose the account from which you wish to delete it.

7.Remove from the Accounts Center by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

8.To proceed, simply hit the Continue button when the confirmation notification displays.

9.Remove [account name] from the list.

Your Facebook account is unlinked from your Instagram account.

Limit Your Instagram-Facebook Interaction

There are customization options available if you wish to maintain some sort of Instagram-Facebook link. For example, you can restrict your articles from being shared automatically on Facebook, but you may still have Facebook friends show as suggested followers. You’ll also continue to be visible to your Facebook pals while using Instagram.

1.The Accounts Center on the app may be accessed by selecting Menu > Settings > Accounts Center from the app’s main menu. This will maintain your connection to Facebook while restricting the interaction between Instagram and Facebook.

2.Make your selections in the Manage related experiences section by selecting the category or categories you wish to manage and then selecting your options.

  • Story & Post Sharing allows you to choose whether or not your Instagram story or posts are automatically shared with Facebook.
  • If you have access to the same payment methods on Facebook and Instagram, you may manage your Facebook Pay Info to ensure that you have access to both.
  • The option to log in with multiple accounts indicates whether you wish to share all logins or not, and it also enables complex controlled login choices.

3.Use the radio buttons on the Story & Post Sharing page to specify which account you are configuring the sharing options for in the settings. Use the sliders to turn Automatically Share on or off for your Instagram posts or story.

Repeat the procedure for each of the remaining categories.



Why can’t I unlink my Facebook from Instagram?

‘Unlink Account’ on Instagram will not remove you from Facebook’s list of friends. The option to link your Facebook profile to your Instagram profile is allegedly deactivated by default, similar to the other platforms that are displayed in the Linked Accounts menu on Instagram. It is necessary to check in to the app by tapping on its grayed-out emblem before Instagram would recognise the two as being linked.

Does Facebook automatically link with Instagram?

It has already been noted that Instagram instantly takes up the Facebook profile that is linked to the Facebook application on your smartphone. If you wish to make changes to your Facebook account, you must first log out of the Facebook application (if installed)