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How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile (Android or iOS)


Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 has just been released worldwide for Android and iOS smartphones, and with it comes a whole bunch of new features and adjustments. The mobile-only legend called Fade, who possesses special skills to learn, is without a doubt the most significant addition to the game. Fans of Apex Legends who are playing the game on their mobile devices will, without a shadow of a doubt, want to unlock Fade as quickly as they can in the first season of Apex Legends Mobile. During the first season of Apex Legends Mobile, you can unlock Fade by following the instructions in this step-by-step guide. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile (Android or iOS)

Ignacio Huaman, better known by his alias Fade, is the “new competitor” in Apex Legends Mobile. After suffering the loss of his family, he is looking for justice and redemption in the Apex Games. The mobile version of EA’s renowned battle royale game features an interesting new legend called Fade that is only available there. On Android and iOS devices, players that purchase the “Prime Time” battle pass for Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 will have a much easier time unlocking the character Fade.

To begin, you won’t need to pull out your wallet and fork over any cash to EA in order to get access to Fade in the first season of Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile (Android or iOS)

The Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 battle pass includes a number of free tiers, one of which allows players to unlock Fade. The only thing that players need to do in order to add Fade to their squad is grind their way up to Tier 25 (there are a total of 50 Tiers). This could take quite some time, even weeks if you don’t do very well or struggle to finish some of the challenges, depending on how well you do.

In the first season of Apex Legends Mobile, there is a more expedient way to unlock Fade. To accomplish this, you will need to purchase the Premium battle pass, which will immediately unlock 10 Tiers in addition to a number of other incentives. You will only need to work your way up 15 Tiers to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile if you spend 1599 Syndicate Gold on the Premium Pass Plus. This will allow you to unlock Fade much more quickly.

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile (Android or iOS)

Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time, here is a rundown of Fade’s official skills. This will give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to unlock and use Fade in some Apex Legends Mobile matches.

  • Slipstream is an active ability that grants Fade a temporary increase in movement speed at the end of his descent.
  • The tactical manoeuvre known as “Flashback” involves Fade’s suit dragging him backwards through another realm and bringing him back to the place he was before.
  • Fade releases an activator core from his suit and throws it into the Phase Chamber. The explosion that occurs as a result puts everyone within a certain radius into a phase for a few seconds, rendering them unable to deal or take damage.


Is fade in Apex only mobile?

Players who have not yet unlocked the first legend available solely on mobile platforms will now have the opportunity to try out his skills. It is now possible to play Fade without paying a fee, at least for the time being. Fade was the first mobile-exclusive character to be added to Apex Legends Mobile when it was released back in March.

When can I play as Fade?

It is anticipated that Fade will be made available alongside Act 3 when it is launched during Episode 4. Riot should introduce a new agent now because Act 2 has had a conspicuous lack of agents for quite some time, making this the most sensible time to do so.

Is fade good in Apex?

It is even possible for Fade to use his Ultimate ability to prevent opponents from finishing off his comrades by sending them into the Void while he deals with the situation at hand. The fact that this ability provides players with a wide variety of choices and alternatives is what makes Fade such a potent Legend.

Is Fade a mobile exclusive Legend?

Fade can only be played on the mobile version of Apex, but that isn’t the only thing that sets him apart from the rest of the competition. In addition to being the first legend to ever emerge in a version of the game that is not available on consoles or personal computers, he is also the first legend to make his debut with so little of an introduction as possible.

Who is the coolest character in Apex?

Bloodhound is without a doubt the most powerful legend in Apex Legends and one of the characters that is consistently used at the highest levels of competition. Because of his extensive skill set, which focuses on locating and tracking down prey, he is the most efficient scout in the game’s roster. The reason for this is due to his ability to detect and track down prey.