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How to Play Gekko on Valorant


Gekko, a fresh new agent, will be introduced into the game in Valorant Episode 6 Act 2, and you will have the option to either activate his contract in order to unlock him or, if you are a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass, you will have immediate access to him. Gekko is an initiator who has introduced brand-new gameplay techniques to diffuse and plant spike. These include arresting players, making use of Wingman, and a few other things. You will find an explanation of how to play Valorant Gekko in this page. So let’s get started:

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How to Play Gekko on Valorant

Tips and Tricks:

Use Dizzy (E):

You can use a duelist in conjunction with Dizzy, which is essentially Gekko’s flash move. If you are on the attacking team, you can flash the defenders as you enter the site. Moreover, Jett can rush in to gain early picks, while Raze can toss her nade to deal significant damage or perhaps get kills. Dizzy, when utilized by the defender, can be used to slow or stop the push that the opponents are making.

How to Play Gekko on Valorant

You can even use it during recapture by flashing the opponent and peeping in order to stop the defuse from going off. In an open area with a variety of viewing angles, Dizzy can also be utilized to get some information on the opponent’s position. You will only need to monitor the direction in which the Dizzy is shooting; however, keep in mind that it will take the flash around half a second to activate, and you will hear the Dizzy’s sound if it flashes somebody. You can also ask your friends to provide you with cover by using their utilities, like as smoke, to pick up the orb of the item you want to pick up so that you can use it again.

Use Wingman (Q):

Valorant now has access to a completely original method of defusing and planting spikes thanks to Wingman. It is possible to make excellent use of this ability by providing protection for Wingman behind Sage’s wall or in Harbor Cove. You can then either give Wingman the spike to plant or send him to diffuse the opponent’s spike in the same manner. You may also use it to clear up the areas, similar to how Raze uses his Boom Bot, and if it comes into contact with an opponent, it will stun them.

How to Play Gekko on Valorant

Aside from this, Wingman is quite useful in critical times since you can use it to either defuse the spike or plant it, and then you can wait for your opponents to show themselves and then kill them. You have the ability to pick up Wingman’s orb and use it again in the same round, just like with Dizzy. Thus, you should request that your teammates protect you while you utilize this ability.

Use Mosh Pit (C):

The only difference between Mosh Pit and Viper’s Snake Bite is that the former will take roughly three seconds to work, and the latter will explode when it has done so. Players who are caught inside Mosh Pit’s inner circle will take 150 damage, while those who are inside Mosh Pit’s outer circle will take about 100 damage. One of its strengths is that, in comparison to other mollies, it has a wider coverage area.

How to Play Gekko on Valorant

It is recommended that you combine this ability with either Astra’s Gravity Well or Fade’s Seize in order to maximize its effectiveness in preventing players from escaping and achieving some quick kills. It is a wonderful utility to clear out the corners as well because it will compel people to come out of their hiding locations, at which point you can shoot their heads to kill them. This will let you to clear out the corners more quickly. In post-plant situations, Mosh Pit can also be employed to stop opponents from diffusing a spike and keep the opponent’s health up.

Use Thrash (X):

Skye’s Trailblazer and Killjoy’s Lockdown are the two primary components that go into making Thrash. It holds players for a shorter amount of time in comparison to Killjoy’s ultimate, but it gives you knowledge about your opponents’ positions, which can be quite valuable if your opponents have a player advantage. Your teammates will be able to push with it to kill the opponents and get some early picks if you detain adversaries and give them to them.

How to Play Gekko on Valorant

You can also utilize it to prevent your opponents from diffusing or planting the spike in order to buy some time, and on top of that, if they have a limited amount of time left, you can win by detaining them and taking away their advantage. It becomes a highly potent ultimate when you consider the fact that you can choose to use it twice.


Is Valorant good for beginners?

Because Valorant has a steep learning curve, it can be challenging for new players to choose an agent right away when they first start playing. The difficulty of learning to play the game Valorant is relatively high.

How many hours does it take to learn Valorant?

Before venturing into Valorant ranked play, it is highly advised that any player who is just starting out play the game for at least 200 hours. This would require at least forty hours of investment among five distinct Agents.

Is playing Valorant free?

Because it is a free-to-play game, anyone is welcome to download it and start playing. Taking into account that you have access to a gaming computer. You may get started by going to the official website and clicking the “Play FREE” button. After that, you will be prompted to login in to your Riot account or to create a new one. If you do that, you’ll be able to download the launcher and install the game on your computer.

Is Valorant hard on PC?

Because of the minimal entry point requirements for computer systems, it continues to be a fantastic option for gamers. If players want to play at a higher level than the minimal GPU required, all they need is an Intel HD Graphics 3000. It is an amazing accomplishment that about 80 percent of the PCs that were used to test Valorant were successful in meeting at least the minimum system requirements.