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How to Unlock the Palindrome in Destiny 2


Your light level is the most important factor in determining your success in the more difficult PvE modes, especially the weekly Nightfall. Due to the fact that Season of the Guardian has added these new weapons to the rotational loot pool, players will need to collect their fireteams and wait until everyone has the gear they want before moving on. Get yourself ready for a difficult test that’s coming up. The Palindrome may be unlocked in Destiny 2 by following these instructions. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock the Palindrome in Destiny 2

How to Unlock the Palindrome in Destiny 2

Players will need to complete the Weekly Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike in order to receive the Palindrome as a loot drop after successfully finishing the mission. Keep in mind that The Palindrome, Shadow Private, and The Swarm will take turns being featured each week as the featured venue. It is important for players to maintain track of what they have acquired from week to week until they finally get their hands on the palindrome. If they were rewarded with The Swarm this week, then it is possible that they will be rewarded with The Palindrome either the following week or the week after that.

It is also not guaranteed that the weapons will drop after completing the Nightfall even just once. Players should attempt The Ordeal Strike as frequently as they like until they obtain the items they are searching for, at which point they should stop. Grinding the Nightfall, thankfully, is an excellent way to acquire additional pieces of equipment and things within the game.

A Void Hand Cannon that fires at a rate of 140 RPM is known as the Palindrome. Fans of the weapon will recall the “Luck in the Chamber” perk from the first game in the Destiny series. This perk allowed for one bullet in a magazine to deal a large amount more damage. On The Palindrome in Destiny 2, regrettably, this perk is not one of the options available to you. Instead, the weapon has a perk called Bottomless Grief that comes with it. Bottomless Grief causes the player’s magazine to automatically refill whenever an enemy is killed while the player is the only member of their fireteam still alive. Bottomless Grief could be useful for finishing out stages of PvE tasks while waiting for other Guardians to revive, but it doesn’t look like it will be very helpful in The Crucible. Bottomless Grief grants solitary guardians the ability to eliminate two of their opponents, but if they take on a complete fireteam, things will get much more difficult for them.

How to Unlock the Palindrome in Destiny 2

In the not too distant future, new updates and material will continue to be added to the Destiny 2 game. The next Season of the Chosen has already generated excitement among players. It would appear that bringing back old Destiny 1 weaponry and updating them with new bonuses and statistics is becoming a popular habit. Players who have been a part of the Destiny franchise since its inception will take pleasure in the numerous throwback references that the second game in the series provides. In Destiny 2, assemble your fireteam and make your way through Nightfall: The Ordeal to acquire some weapons from earlier eras.