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How to Use Android Auto Wireless


It is explained in this post what Android Auto Wireless is, what you will need in order to utilize it, and how to configure it. Instructions apply to Pixel phones running Android versions 8 through 11 as well as Samsung Galaxy phones running Android versions 9 to 11.

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How to Use Android Auto Wireless

This is how you configure Android Auto Wireless if both your phone and your car are capable of doing so:

1. A USB cable may be used to connect your phone to your car radio.

2. To finish the initial setup procedure, follow the on-screen prompts as they appear.

3. Remove the USB cord from the computer.

4. When you get into your car the next time, Android Auto Wireless instantly connects your phone to your car radio and opens your phone’s browser.

What Is Android Auto Wireless?

Android Auto is a feature that makes it safer to use your phone while driving thanks to Google’s software. Apps that enhance your driving experience are available on this device. Some examples include applications for charging, parking and navigation to make your journeys as easy as possible. With Android Auto, you can read and send messages in messaging applications like WhatsApp right from the launcher. Google Assistant can also employ pre-programmed responses and messages to reduce the risk of distraction while driving.

A dark mode and a customizable launcher screen make it easy to customise Android Auto in your car, and it connects to compatible touchscreen radios. Connecting your phone to your car through a USB connection is the primary way Android Auto operates. After unplugging the USB cord, you may still use Android Auto Wireless to stay connected.

Using Android Auto Wireless means you don’t have to constantly plug and unplug your phone. Plugging in your phone is an option if you’re going on a lengthy road trip or if it’s low on juice. Android Auto Wireless, on the other hand, instantly connects your phone to your car’s radio when you get in the car (after the initial USB cable connection).

What You Need to Use Android Auto Wirelessly

If you wish to use Android Auto wirelessly, you will need two things: a suitable vehicle radio with built-in Wi-Fi and an Android phone that is compatible with Android Auto. The wireless feature is not available on the majority of head units that are compatible with Android Auto, as well as the majority of smartphones that are capable of running Android Auto.

What you’ll need to get started with Android Auto Wireless is as follows:

  • A head unit that is compatible with Android Auto: Your car radio, also known as the head unit, must be capable of running Android Auto. Aside from that, it must be equipped with Wi-Fi, and it must be certified to utilize its Wi-Fi connection for this purpose.
  • A compatible phone is as follows: If you want to use a Pixel phone, your Android phone must be running Android 8.0 Oreo or above through Android 11. When running Android 9.0 Pie through Android 11, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 series, as well as any subsequent models, are capable of supporting Android Audio Wireless technology.



Which is better Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

It is more intuitive, more visually appealing, and more enjoyable to use. Android Auto is fully functional, however it lacks the same amount of sophistication that Apple CarPlay has. CarPlay also allows for additional personalization in terms of its appearance, with the majority of these options accessible directly from the infotainment screen.

Can I use iPhone with Android Auto?

Additionally, both technologies are available on most modern automobiles (models 2015 and newer) and may be linked by a USB port or a wireless network connection, respectively. However, you will not be able to utilise Android Auto on an iPhone and vice versa, so that is where the most of the similarities between the two devices end.