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How to Drift in GTA 5


Drifting has long been a significant component of racing in popular culture, whether in films or video games. Street racing is a fundamental component of the sport, and it became profoundly engrained in the public consciousness with the publication of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. GTA 5 did not miss an opportunity to cash in on the trend, including it into a significant portion of their racing meta.

Racing games, as well as open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto, have gone to great lengths to include drifting into their gaming mechanics. You might wonder, what exactly is a drift.

Drifting is just the act of power-sliding through a turn without spinning out, to put it another way. Using the term “power-slide,” it refers to an automobile that slides after being handbraked while also turning at the same time.

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How to Drift in GTA 5?

A drift in Grand Theft Auto 5 is aesthetically stunning and may sometimes be the most enjoyable aspect of a street racing. Keep in mind, though, that when participating in an online race, you should always brake early into a turn and avoid drifting.

Drifting may frequently result in a loss of speed, and if it is not done correctly, it can result in your car spinning out and facing the incorrect direction, causing you to lose valuable time.

However, whether you’re driving about with pals in GTA Online or firing up a storm by yourself in GTA 5, be sure you drift around and let everyone know that you’re the flashiest driver in Los Santos by doing so.

Drifting Tips and Tricks

Some pointers and tricks to consider are listed below. You are not required to use all of the resources provided here, although a few of them may be beneficial.

  • Manually lowering the vehicle: There is a tip to assist you in lowering your vehicle. What you’ll do is choose a rifle and aim it at a location near to your tyre without actually hitting the tyre (or you can shoot it in the middle). This will cause your automobile to be a little lower. Continue to fire until your automobile is lowered by a couple of inches. This will need to be done on each and every tyre.
  • Remove any brake enhancements and bulletproof tyres that may have been installed. Using bulletproof tyres will prevent you from physically lowering the vehicle. Drifting will be a little more difficult if you have upgraded brakes.

Basic Tips on How to Drift:

1. When approaching a turn, increase your speed to a reasonable level.

2. Release the accelerator button to ease into the turn; do not hit the brake or reverse key since this will stop the vehicle’s progress.

3. By hitting the appropriate direction, you may turn into the corner.

4. Hold down the Handbrake key as soon as the turn is initiated, and maintain it pushed all the way through the apex.

5. Keep the opposing directional key held while the automobile is sliding in order to prevent the car from spinning out of control. Example: If you are turning left, hold down the right mouse button after you have begun sliding to prevent your wheel from spinning.

6. Once the automobile has exited the corner, it should be straightened.