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Destiny 2

How to Use Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2


Another new currency in Destiny 2 is Exotic Ciphers. You can buy these one-time-use goods to get any exotic weapons you might have missed. Finding Exotic Ciphers is the first challenge because it seems like there aren’t many sources that drop them. The fact that you can only hold one at once makes problems worse. But in Destiny 2, there is a way for players to buy Exotics from previous seasons, even if they are no longer available at any of the shops. All you need is a little object called an Exotic Cipher to do this. How to use exotic cipher in Destiny 2 is covered in this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Use Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2

Players will often receive one unusual cipher for free, but they must work for it after that. Players must first locate Xur, the dealer who shows in every weekend to sell randomized exotic gear, to get started. Players can take up his “A Question” quest from him there.

How to Use Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2

Players must earn 21 points of progress to complete this mission. Normal strikes, crucible victories, and gambit victories all result in one point. Bonus points are awarded for playing with other clan members and performing harder tasks, such as nightfall strikes.

Players can get their exotic cipher after they get back to Xur. Players can only complete one iteration of this quest at once, and after they complete it, they cannot restart it until Xur appears again. This still holds even when a player takes a week to finish it. Let’s say they pick it up one weekend and return it the following weekend. They still have to wait till Xur returns the following time before they can resume it.

How to Use Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2

Once they have an unusual cipher, players must visit the Monument of lost lights, which is close to the tower’s vault. They can turn in one exotic cipher, a sizable amount of shimmer, one or more ascendant shards, and location-based resources there to obtain an exotic piece of equipment. There are many different weapons available, so players may want to study to determine which weapon they want the most before buying an impulse.

Exotic Ciphers can be exchanged for “a reward” at the Monument of Lost Light or with Xur, as stated in their description. Despite the cryptic phrasing, the Monument of Lost Light is where you can trade one Exotic Cipher for an Exotic item from a previous season that was either associated with an Exotic quest that is no longer available, included in the Season Pass, or only available during raids.

How to Use Exotic Cipher in Destiny 2

It appears that players can buy a second Exotic engram when it comes to the use of an Exotic Cipher at Xur. This is useful for anyone wishing to complete their collection with any titles they missed from the previous season.


How do you use forsaken exotic ciphers?

The Monument of Lost Lights Exotic Archive in the Tower contains three (3) Forsaken Ciphers in the Forsaken section. Any Forsaken Exotic weapon in the Archive can be bought with them. The Ciphers can be exchanged for an Ascendant Shard once all Exotic weapons have been acquired.

How do you get Xur keys Destiny 2?

In Xur’s Treasure Room, keys can also be purchased straight from the Starhorse for 10 Strange Coins. But you can get a Paraversal Haul for just seven Strange Coins. Similar to loot boxes, when you open a Paraversal Haul, a random assortment of prizes is revealed.

What is the exotic Strange Key for?

It is a crucial goal in the Magnum Opus quest in Destiny 2, a special questline made available by Xur. Players must find and use the Strange Key in this quest to reveal a path leading to a cryo pod that contains an Anomalous Object.

What planet is Xur on Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Xûr, Agent of the Nine, is a vendor of exotic weapons and armor. From the Friday Reset (9AM UTC) until the weekly reset on Tuesday (9AM UTC), he will be indicated on the map as being on the Flashpoint Planet.

Can you solo dungeons in Destiny 2?

Players have a few alternatives to pick from when it comes to beginning their journey of solo finishing dungeons in Destiny 2 because there are presently five dungeons available. One generalization holds true: the oldest dungeons typically tend to be the easiest. Some possibilities are obviously easier than others.