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How to Use Instagram for Better Engagement: A Complete Guide


With its biggest rival, TikTok losing market share due to growing security concerns, Instagram is set to witness tremendous growth. All the predictions about Instagram bowing down to TikTok, and other apps have turned false. Instagram today is practically a TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, and is already a product of Facebook.

Simultaneously, succeeding on Instagram remains as challenging as succeeding on YouTube courtesy of its ever-changing metrics. Businesses can gain immensely from Instagram and bring engagement to their products through it. The stats speak highly about Instagram’s effectiveness. 60% of people admitted they discover new products on Instagram, and 200 million Instagrammers visit a new business profile daily. Thus businesses can use Instagram to leverage their engagement and boost their reach. And through various Instagram analytics tools, you can check how your posts and stories have fared. A popular platform like sharemyinsights lets you analyze and optimize your Instagram marketing through detailed insights into audience preferences and even competitor performance.  

The best engagement techniques 

Take a look at other business accounts before posting business content on your own Instagram business account. Check what they are posting and if they are using videos. This will give you a heads up to learn and get the drift. Engage with others’ content just before and immediately after you post. It is crucial because most accounts reciprocate on Instagram. Remember to use long-tail and relevant hashtags as they make your business discoverable to relevant audiences. The golden rule on Instagram is more people and fewer objects. Real people will make your account look real, allowing followers to connect with it. Make sure you reply to comments quickly as this will make your post look engaged faster. Also, make the most of the Stories feature by putting your posts in your Stories. People engage with Stories more than posts.

Organic campaign tactics

Instagram loves organic growth. Using the plethora of options available, you can make it big on Instagram organically. The best way to do it is to make your organic posts a part of a big story. You can work with consistent brand colours, a specific format or a filter. You can also try running promotions and contests. It will increase your audience engagement, which in turn increases your organic reach.

You can think of working with nano and micro-influencers. The key is to find out users looking to become influencers and send them your free samples. In return, you can ask them to give you a shout-out.

A key aspect of organic growth is to spend at least a few hours a day focusing on active engagement with relevant followers. Active engagement is about scouting for similar accounts, identifying people with relevant hashtags and sending them follow requests. Activities such as liking and commenting on their posts is an excellent way to create engagement.

Measurement and Analytics

Instagram analytics and API always change. So, it would help if you have a tailor-made strategy that evolves with these changes. One central analytics to work on is to calculate conversions. Next, you can work on benchmarking growth goals. You can start with a spreadsheet with columns like total followers, newly added, followers’ growth rate, etc. Now you can analyze what’s working for you to gain new followers. Also, analyze factors that slow your growth and so on.

Another critical measurement tool is to monitor comments to understand user sentiment. Check the response you have received for different posts and understand which sentiments trigger more comments.

Make sure to use Instagram Insights, a feature you get with your business account. It helps you understand which posts led to the number of clicks to your website/app etc.

Final thoughts

Instagram is the home of your audiences because that’s where most Gen-Z and Millennials spend their time. Be original and authentic on Instagram and use videos as it makes you stand out. The new features of IGTV and Reels help increase engagement on your account.

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