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Ten Steps of Becoming More Interesting


A lot of people across the world have a secret desire of incorporating specific things into making their personality more interesting. Some people will prefer to get great articles on the to equip their technical know-how while others will prefer to engage in sports, among many other things. It all boils down to becoming more interesting. So how can you accomplish such a feat?

People naturally get attracted to other individuals with characteristics they deem fascinating. As a result, many people will always project this back but in an unconstructive way. It can involve trying to copy others in how they dress, the social places they visit, how they talk, etc. However, such antics always backfire because of their ingenuity. To become more fascinating, you have to embrace different aspects that will accentuate your qualities and make you uniquely interesting. So how can you go about it?

Steps of Becoming More Fascinating

  • You have to consider going on an exploration spree in terms of ideas, opinions, and places. You cannot expect to stay within the confines of an echo chamber and expect yourself to magically transform into an exciting person. So head out to places you have never set foot on, try new food, and meet new people and cultures. Additionally, you have to read and watch videos to get diverse opinions about different things.
  • Share whatever you get to discover. It can prove useful to explore, but without sharing your discoveries, no one will ever know. Try and let people know about your unique exploits and allow them to experience your vicarious adventures.
  • Carry out an activity, anything. You can decide to talk, dance, network, build, play, assist others, or create new things. Whatever you decide to do, it will prove worth it. Avoid sitting around lamenting about your situation or misfortunes, but rather, do something to change the situation.
  • Embrace your natural weirdness. You can never find a perfect person as everyone has a flaw or something unique that separates them from the rest. So stop hiding the things you perceive weird about you because they prove the aspects that make you fascinating.
  • Have a specific cause. You have to have that one thing that you care about. It can prove something like nature, wild animals, sports, education, religion, or any other thing. An absence of believing in something or having a specific cause can lead to the lack of anyone who cares about you. So look for something that appeals to you and champion that course passionately.
  • Limit the swagger. You can have the best of ideas, but with a huge ego, your concept can never take off. So avoid projecting your arrogance above the expertise you can deliver. Such an action will become attractive to others and flock to your presence rather than avoid you.
  • Always try. You never lose anything by trying an idea, whether bizarre or not. Anything proves worth trying, and by trying, you can realize brilliant outcomes. However, a lack of trying will always ensure a permanent seat in your comfort corner.
  • Never go with the flow of things. In most cases, people will join in on a new craze or wave because it proves flashy and classy. However, always avoid such things that everyone gets into. Instead, find something else that uniquely suits you and go for it. To become the driver and not the passenger to project yourself fascinating.
  • Become courageous. You have to have the courage to counter opinions and chart the difficult path. However, fear can lead to stagnation and gossip about people who prove courageous and successful.
  • Ignore the haters. Boring can prove safe, and this can constitute the rallying call for the haters. Such people will try to return you into the comfort quarter to prevent you from growing.


To become fascinating, you must move from your comfort zone. So consider some of the guidelines provided to become that fascinating person you have always envisioned.

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