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How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock


It’s not always easy to track down specific items in Minecraft. You have to dig, look around, and travel for kilometres without having any idea what you could find. Only if there was a way in the game to see through the obstructions there are currently. No, we are not going to discuss about the most useful modifications for Minecraft. Instead, thanks to the spectator mode, X-ray-like elements can be found in the vanilla version of the Minecraft world.

In point of fact, users of the Java edition have been utilizing it for years to see through blocks and travel through them in order to locate cave biomes, constructions, ores, and other items. All without any additional time or effort. Additionally, the spectator mode is now available on all of the other platforms that Minecraft is available for. As a result, let’s not squander any more time and immediately investigate how to activate the spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock. So let’s get started:

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How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock

Make sure that you are running Minecraft Beta version or a later version if you want to use the spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock. You also have the option of downloading the Minecraft Preview app if you do not wish to use the beta versions in your primary game. Once everything has been installed, you can enter spectator mode on Minecraft Bedrock by doing the following:

1. Because spectator mode can only be activated through the use of commands, you will need to make sure that cheats are enabled in your Minecraft world. You have the ability to do this by going into the game settings via the pause menu and activating the “Activate Cheats” toggle there.

How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock

2. After that, return to your planet and select the “talk” option from the menu. On a computer running Windows, you can open it by pressing the “T” key on your keyboard. Users of consoles and touch devices, on the other hand, have access to a different set of specific buttons and icons for opening the chat window.

How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock

3. Type the following command into the conversation and then hit the send button.

/gamemode 6

After then, your user interface will be removed, and the game mode will automatically transition to the spectator mode.

How to Use Spectator Mode in Minecraft Bedrock

4. When you enter the spectator mode, you will see that the controls are identical to those found in the creative mode. This will allow you to navigate the environment in the same manner.


How do you see through walls in bedrock?

In addition, players have the ability to exploit a glitch in the game by using a composter to see through walls and floors. Those who are dedicated to Minecraft can dig three blocks deep and then hop into the composter. Crafters then have the option of placing a block of sand, gravel, or concrete powder on top of them after this step. This ought to provide some vision of the areas that are surrounding you.

Does bedrock have ray tracing?

Path-traced ray tracing is a cutting-edge feature in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, which enables gamers and world builders to create spectacular new sights and immersive landscapes from scratch.

How do you xray vision in Minecraft?

Players can enter a composter by first digging a hole that is three blocks deep, placing it at the bottom of the hole, and then jumping inside it. After that, you should be able to obtain clear x-ray vision of the surrounding environment by simply positioning the sand, gravel, or concrete powder block above them.

Does bedrock 1.19 have spectator mode?

What you absolutely must be aware of. The most recent patch update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is version 1.19.50, and it is currently accessible to all players. The update brings with it a plethora of brand new features, such as a Spectator Mode, new default skins, enhanced touch controls, redesigned Vex mobs, and more.

Does Minecraft PE have ray tracing?

No. Minecraft with ray tracing takes advantage of hardware that supports ray tracing to achieve the highest possible level of visual fidelity and performance. This hardware support is only available on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series and higher graphics cards, as well as AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series and higher graphics cards.