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How to use the Director Mode in GTA 5


Fanatics will delight in the plethora of entertaining material available in GTA 5, and the Director Mode gives you additional control over the game, allowing you to play more imaginatively. Here’s how to make advantage of the Director Mode in your game.

While GTA VI hasn’t been revealed yet, there’s still plenty to do in GTA 5, like completing missions, discovering treasures, and spreading havoc on the streets. There are many additional aspects in the game that add to the overall enjoyment.

The Director Mode grants you greater control over the game, allowing you to do actions such as changing the time of day, changing your desired level, travelling faster, and jumping higher. This allows you to be more imaginative when you’re playing.

Here’s all you need to know about the Director Mode in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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How to use GTA 5’s Director Mode

While in GTA 5, you have the option of playing as any character, including the many different NPCs that you will come across around the city of Los Santos, if you want to do so. Entering this mode is a rather simple process.

Here’s how to get into the Director Mode on your computer:

  • Launch Grand Theft Auto 5 and wait for the game to fully load.
  • On the PC, press M. On the Xbox, view the video. Keep the touchpad pressed down on the PlayStation.
  • Director Mode may be found in the Interaction Menu.
  • Select the “actor” you wish to play as from the casting trailer and then enter Director Mode to begin the game.

You can return to the main game by selecting “Return to Main Game” from the Interaction Menu. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to access Director Mode if you’re in specified areas or inside a vehicle. You must also make certain that you do not possess a desired level.

After entering Director Mode, you may perform a variety of exciting things such as altering the weather or time of day, controlling your desired level, super leaping, shooting exploding shots, being indestructible, and much more.

You may choose from a variety of different tale characters, non-player characters, and even animals to play as. While watching the trailer, you may also make a shortlist of actors to choose from, allowing you to switch between them instantaneously while playing.



Do you have to unlock Director mode in GTA 5?

Player cannot, however, use the Director Mode when they are in a car or are wanted by the police. To get access to the Director Mode, players must first complete the following steps: They must first navigate to the Interaction Menu (Hold Touchpad on the PS4). They must pick the Director Mode option.

Can you spawn vehicles in Director Mode?

In director mode, you can only generate vehicles that you have previously owned in narrative mode. Unfortunately, any cars you possess in online mode will not be able to be spawned in director mode. To spawn a car in director mode, hold down the view button while scrolling down to the “garage” option. You’ll be able to spawn any vehicle you possess in story mode from this location.