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How to use the heal ability in One Piece World Seeker


While playing the One Piece World Seeker, it is extremely important to know how to use the heal ability. Healing is one of the most important part of almost every type of video game and One Piece World Seeker is no different in this regard. Not only it will enable you take on more difficult challenge in the game but it will allow you to keep going in tight situations. You’ll be better prepared to tackle some of the most hardcore challenges that the game has to offer. One Piece World Seeker is a long adventure game and there is so much to do in the game. You can easily forget about when or how heal yourself.

This article will tell you precisely how you can put the healing ability to best use.

How to Heal in One Piece World Seeker

Like most of the other games out there, basic healing of One Piece World Seeker is auto health regeneration mechanism. It is a built-in feature that is available from the start. For instance, if you take damage by falling from top or in combat, your character will automatically regenerate health over time. It is important to learn the basics of game combat like blocking and evasion techniques as they will come handy to avoid taking damage and saving your health. Remember the health bar regenerate over time so it won’t be wise to stay in combat for far too long with low health.

There are several moves which can be used to avoid damage in One Piece World Seeker. One of them is Observation Haki. It is used to dodge incoming attacks. You can also use this move to regenerate health while avoiding the enemy attacks. Also, focus on the in-game skill tree. You get to unlock higher skill levels in the tree as you play on. There are some skills specifically related to the health bar.

If you cannot keep yourself out of combat and constantly find yourself with low health, we suggest that you move attention to the skill tree. You can unlock the abilities which will heal you faster after you lose some of the health in combat. Basically, it speeds up the regeneration process. This skill will enable you to stay alive in combat without having to escape the fighting area.

This was all about how you can heal yourself in One Piece World Seeker. What are your thoughts on the game so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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