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How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox


The controls for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One are laid out somewhat differently from those of other first-person shooter games. You can aim down sights from either the first or third person perspective in PUBG because the game gives players the option to play in either mode. However, it may be difficult to understand how to use scopes in PUBG for players who are interested in doing so. On this post, you will learn how to use the scope in the Xbox version of PubG. so let’s get started:

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How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox

Even though it is labelled LT on the Xbox controller, the button that is used to aim down the sights is the same on both the Xbox One and the Xbox X|S. In order to use the scope, you will need to tap LT, as holding LT is required in order to switch to a third-person view. Those who have developed the habit of holding down while aiming will need to retrain their muscle memory and alter their habits.

Using RB and the left stick, you can make adjustments to the magnification level, just as you can on a PS4 or PS5 console.

The following instructions should be followed in order to use the scope in the PUBG version on Xbox:

1. Participate in a match of PUBG.

2. As soon as you touch down, you should search for a weapon or scope first.

3. If you find a gun first, you’ll be able to attach any scope that’s compatible with it that you find on the ground immediately.

How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox

4. If you find a scope first, you will need to find a gun and then use the scope that you found in your inventory to attach it to the gun.

How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox

5. Tap the LT button once your pistol has a scope attached to it.

How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox

6. You should be able to make use of the scope to aim at potential targets at this point.

How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox

7. Repeatedly pressing LT will exit the ADS mode.

How to Use the Scope in PUBG Xbox

You shouldn’t have any trouble with PUBG as long as you can teach yourself to aim without holding down the LT button.


What is PUBG scope button?

This feature enables a player to instantly alter their scope with just the touch of a button, which is precisely what the name implies it will do. For instance, in PUBG Mobile, if you have a red dot scope, a 2x scope, a 4x scope, and a 6x scope in your backpack, but you only have a 2x scope mounted on your pistol.

What are the 3 knobs on a scope?

Elevation, windage, and parallax are the three adjustments that are used the most frequently on any given rifle scope.

What is scope in sniper?

A sniper scope is essentially a specialised telescope that contains components that lay a targeting reticule (crosshairs) over the amplified image. This allows the user to more precisely aim their weapon. Snipers will sight a target through a scope and make comparisons between their point of aim and their point of impact.

Which dial is which on a scope?

In addition to the bell and the power selector, you’ll also discover etched-in numbers on the elevation and windage dials of the rifle. When you are sighting in your scope, you will want to concentrate on the elevation dial, which is located on the top turret, and the windage dial, which is located on the right side of the turret.