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How to Use the Transmog System in Diablo 4


Transmogrification in Diablo 4 allows you to change the appearance of your character’s donned armor without changing the stats, perks, or abilities at a wardrobe. This feature comes in useful for demon slayers who place a strong emphasis on their personal style. Because each of your characters in Diablo 4 can have many saved clothes, you won’t ever have to worry about appearing like you’ve fallen into a fancy dress box even if you’re trying to achieve the most optimal class build. One of these features is known as the Transmog system, and it gives players the ability to customize how their characters look. Despite this, a good number of players are having trouble grasping how this system operates. This tutorial will instruct you on how to make advantage of the Diablo 4 transmogrification system. So let’s get started:

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How to Use the Transmog System in Diablo 4

To begin utilizing the Transmogrification system, you will first need to enter the Wardrobe, which can be found inside the Kyshovad Inn in the Fractured Peaks zone. Using the Transmogrification feature, you can change the appearance of your character’s armor and other things without affecting the stats of those items.

How to Use the Transmog System in Diablo 4

You will need to travel to the Blacksmith and then select the option that “unlocks new look on salvage” once you are there in order to obtain new designs. You should take note of the text that is located next to a pickaxe icon. You will next be required to select a salvaged design from the options provided for each gear slot by navigating to the Appearance tab within the Wardrobe and making your selection there.

You can instantly retrieve your preferred outfit by saving your cosmetic loadouts in the Ensemble tab of the game’s interface. It is important to remember that even if your appearance will alter, the stats will not be impacted in any way. You will also have a selection of alternatives from which to choose.

  • Default Look
  • Unprepared Appearance
  • Additional Unlocked attires

How to Use the Transmog System in Diablo 4


Is there Transmog in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, you will have access to transmogrification rather quickly; but, there are a few steps you need to do before you can go crazy with your wardrobe customization options. Therefore, if you’ve done a great job with your character design, here’s how to complete the look of your hero by changing their armor.

How do you change the look of armor in Diablo 4?

Choose the second tab in the wardrobe, which is labeled ‘Appearance.’ This will provide players with a setup that is analogous to the one that was utilized throughout the character creation process. As players advance through the various World Tiers, they may find that a certain appearance works better with a particular type of gear.

Can you customize your character in Diablo 4?

The answer is “yes,” character customization is available in Diablo 4.

Players have the option of creating a character from one of five different classes—Barbarian, Rogue, Sorceress, Druid, or Necromancer—and then customizing that character. After you have made these selections, you will be able to move on to the screen where you can create your character.

Can you change gender in Diablo 4?

The simple answer to that question is no. Once you have created your character, you will not be able to change your gender at any time throughout the game. If you ever decide you want to play as a different gender, you will need to create a new character.

How do you unlock new look on salvage Diablo 4?

When the phrase “Unlocks new look on salvage” appears in the description of a piece of equipment, it indicates that if you salvage that item, you will be able to access its appearance as a transmogrif in the Wardrobe. This indicates that after completing the task, you can proceed to the Wardrobe and transform another piece of equipment so that it resembles the piece of equipment that was recovered.

Can Druid be female in Diablo 4?

There is no gender lock in Diablo 4, which means that every class can have either female or male characteristics. In Diablo 2, certain classes, such as the Assassin and the Sorceress, could only have female attributes.