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How to Use your iPhone’s Keyboard as a Trackpad


Every person who has ever used a smartphone has experienced the frustration of typing an entire message, then discovering that they misspelt a word, and then having to fight to bring their cursor back to the correct location in order to correct it. The majority of the time, it is simpler to just delete the entire word and type it again from scratch.

It’s possible that many who type on iPhones aren’t aware that the space bar can be used in place of a touchpad to make cursor movement during typing far simpler. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Use your iPhone’s Keyboard as a Trackpad

If you are utilising the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard, then you can use this strategy successfully with any text box. It is also important to remember that this feature is not accessible on any iPhones that are not running iOS 12 or a later version.

1. Enter your text into any text box or location that allows you to do so. This can be the Notes app on your device, a search bar, a text message, or really anywhere else that allows you to type.

2. Place one finger on the spacebar and maintain that pressure. The colour of the other keys will be changed to grey.

3. Move your cursor around the text box by dragging your finger across the spacebar. This will activate the keyboard shortcut.

How to Use your iPhone's Keyboard as a Trackpad

4. After you have manoeuvred the cursor to the desired location as many times as necessary, release your grip on the space bar to position the cursor and then continue typing.


Can iPhone become trackpad?

No. Still not doable. Nevertheless, iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads can be connected to Mac computers and used as wireless trackpads and keyboards. You should look for apps like Rowmote Pro and Remote Mouse and Keyboard, in addition to other apps that are comparable.

Can I use my iPhone as a keyboard for my laptop?

Air Keyboard 4+

Through the use of the app Air Keyboard, you are able to transform your iPhone into a wireless remote keyboard and touch pad for your computer. In order to utilise this application, you will need to download and install a programme that runs on the server side on your own computer.

Can I use my iPhone as a USB keyboard?

The USB Remote app transforms your iOS device into a wireless keyboard and mouse that communicates over USB. This allows you to remotely control any USB host, such as a computer, by delivering keyboard and mouse events.

What is mouse jiggler app?

A software programme that imitates the movement of a computer mouse is known as a mouse jiggler. It is also possible for it to be a mechanised device that moves the actual computer mouse. It is always effective in preventing the computer from going into sleep mode or activating the screensaver. In some circles, mouse jigglers are also referred to as mouse movers.

Can my employer detect a Mouse Jiggler?

It possesses a one-of-a-kind device manufacturer ID string that can be scanned for by them. However, they are unable to detect a device that can physically move your mouse around or that can alter the view that is visible through your optical mouse (like an analogue clock with a second hand).