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How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor


Although the best computer monitors are fantastic for this purpose, you can also use your laptop as a second display if you want to improve your productivity. Adding a second monitor to your workstation is an amazing method to increase your overall output. This is really helpful because you can save some money by using a laptop that you already own rather than purchasing a brand-new external monitor to utilise. You can do this by using the method described above. As long as both your primary computer and your laptop are equipped with wireless Miracast connectivity, you will be able to accomplish this task.

In this guide for Windows 10, we’ll demonstrate how you can successfully use your laptop in place of a second display so you can work more efficiently.

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How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

You can expand the display of your desktop computer to your laptop and use it as a second monitor by following these steps (this technique also works if you have two laptops).

1. Launch the Settings application on the laptop you intend to utilise as a second display by pressing the Fn key.

2. Make sure the System option is selected.

How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

3. Keep scrolling down until you reach the Projecting to this PC tab, and then pick it.

4. Choose Available everywhere on secure networks from the first drop-down box that appears under the heading “Some Windows and Android devices can project to this PC when you indicate it’s OK” (in this case, your home Wi-Fi).

How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

5. To enter the display projection settings on your primary computer, press the Windows key and the letter P simultaneously to use the keyboard shortcut.

6. Choose Extend from the drop-down menu of available options. When you project onto your laptop, you will be able to utilise it as a second monitor thanks to this feature.

How to Use Your Laptop as a Second Monitor

7. To connect to a wireless display, select the Connect option.

8. To connect your laptop to the network, select its name when it appears on the list.

You are able to use your laptop as a second monitor now that your personal computer is projecting onto your laptop and you have chosen the Extend option on your personal computer.


Can I connect 2 laptops together?

A USB Transfer Cable allows for the connection of two different laptops. This apparatus contains an electronic circuit in the middle, and both ends of the gadget have Type-A USB ports. It is essential that you acquire the appropriate tool for the job. Under no circumstances should you attempt to connect a Type-A USB port to another Type-A USB port without first inserting an electrical device.

Can you connect 2 laptops together via USB?

If you have two personal computers that are equipped with USB ports, you can bridge the connection between them by utilising a certain kind of USB cable that is referred to as a “bridging” cable. In theory, it is also possible to link two Macs using USB; but, in order to do so, you will need an adapter that converts USB to Ethernet as well as an Ethernet cable.

What happens if you connect two computers with a USB c cable?

If both computers are the same model, there will be no link between them, and hence no damage. If a Type-C PC has DRD capabilities, it will choose the phase of its “flip-flop advertising” that corresponds to the role that is incompatible with the single-role device that is attached to it.

What cable do I need to connect two computers together?

The most efficient method for linking multiple computers together is to use Ethernet cabling. Ethernet cabling or a crossover cable gives you the quickest way to connect to a device, regardless of whether that device is your router or the central switch. It allows you to connect two computers directly to one another without requiring the use of a network or the creation of an ad hoc network.