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How to Win Matches in Roblox BedWars


Roblox BedWars is widely regarded as one of the most competitive games in the expansive canon of Roblox titles. Because of the nature of the competition, many new and experienced players find it extremely difficult to even come out on top in a single game. Roblox BedWars requires that in order to win a single match, you must protect your own bed while destroying all of your opponent’s beds. While it may appear that the primary objective is straightforward, there are actually a lot of factors that will determine the outcome. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to achieve victory in Roblox BedWars matches.

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How to Win Matches in Roblox BedWars

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the most useful strategies that you may use to win the majority of your matches.

  • In Roblox Bedwars, the most frequent strategy for victory is to rush one’s opponents as soon as the fight begins with a few blocks and an iron sword. This is the most effective strategy.
  • The use of haste, which functions similarly to an ambush, frequently results in favourable outcomes. You and your allies need to be skilled in both close combat and fighting in general if you want to have any chance of winning when you rush.

How to Win Matches in Roblox BedWars

  • You can choose any kit in the store that is suitable for your play style. There are several different kits available, such as Barbarian, Melody, Grimreaper, and Archer. Each specific kit comes with a number of additional advantages that can improve the way you play the game.
  • As soon as the contest begins, players that are farming resources should direct their attention to all of the emerald and diamond generators. Do not give your rivals or enemies control over those resources under any circumstances.

How to Win Matches in Roblox BedWars

  • Build a wall around your beds using blocks to keep any intruders out. You can begin with standard oak bricks and then progress to more powerful obsidian ones later on. As an additional measure to boost up the level of protection, you can set up traps like the Tesla coil.
  • Determine the precise location of your adversary’s sleeping area. In the event that they have secured their beds with blocks, you should get ready to smash them using things like TNT.
  • As you make your way through the later rounds of the game, make sure to keep upgrading your armour, swords, and any other weapons you have access to. Additionally, make an effort to boost the upgrades of your team by using diamonds.
  • Pick and choose your fights carefully. Try to become involved in third parties rather than starting fights on your own.

How to Win Matches in Roblox BedWars

  • If you believe that the conclusion of the conflict won’t go your way, you can safely withdraw from it by utilizing balloons.
  • Choose your roles carefully and make sure you have a solid grasp on them if you plan on playing in teams. Share your plans and thoughts with one another to ensure that you are working toward the same goals.

NOTE: Keep in mind that these are just some of the gameplay components that have been revealed. However, in order to win matches on a regular basis, you will need to put in a lot of work and practise every day.


What is the best Bedwars strategy?

Take the first opportunity that you get. Obtain the most fundamental diamond upgrades (prot, sharp, miner fatigue trap) If you are not being hurried by anyone, you should obtain emz (basically just get more stacked) Get the jump on other teams (target best players first)

Which is the strongest weapon in BedWars?

The Rageblade has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds and deals 65 attack damage each time it is used. If that player were to pass away, they would lose half of their wrath. Rageblade is a Pokémon that can be spawned via Lucky Blocks and Lucky Block Airdrops.

What is the hardest block in Roblox BedWars?

The coral blocks are the most difficult to break, followed by the obsidian blocks as the second most difficult.

What is the strongest kit in Roblox BedWars?

One of the reasons that BedWars is one of the most popular combat games available on Roblox is because it comes with a variety of different kits for players to use. If you are more of a person who enjoys gathering resources, then the Lucia outfit would be best for you, but if you are more of a person who enjoys engaging in combat, then the Cobalt kit would be best for you. Each kit comes with its unique set of benefits.