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Hundreds Of Sealed Retro ’90s Games That Were Just Publicly Revealed Could Be Worth A Million Bucks


Hundreds of vintage games, many of which look to be factory sealed, have been found at a storage facility in the Philippines. In the end, the whole thing will be sold, and the price tag is expected to be in the seven-figure range when it does so.

Games from the 3DO, Sega Genesis, Saturn, and of course the Super Nintendo Entertainment System are all part of the astonishing collection that has been discovered (SNES). Chris Thompson, proprietor of Gameroom, a three-store video game retailer headquartered in Nebraska, is working as a liaison for the sale of the library in an eight-minute video that went viral earlier this week.

What you’d imagine is an incredible discovery that comes out of nowhere and creates a huge splash isn’t the case (and instant viral social media success). The film, according to Thompson, was shot in the fall of last year, before the holiday shopping season descended on Gameroom.

During a late-night phone conversation, one employee told Thompson, “Chris, you’re not going to believe what just walked in.”

Mortal Kombat II on the SNES, owned by a guy who merely wanted to have a rough idea of its value, was also on display. He had a second game that was even more surprising than Mortal Kombat II, but Thompson refused to reveal what it was, citing the owner’s need for anonymity and the fact that the game was so unique it may be identified.

There was a video game store that was shut down in the mid-’90s that had a lot more, according to the owner Thompson talked with. During their conversation, Thompson came up with an idea: He’d record some footage, put together a short movie, and promote the sale (as well as Gameroom’s new YouTube channel) at the same time.

In order to avoid stumbling over a game worth more than the value of my house, Thompson brought out the camera he doesn’t know how to operate. “Then we say our goodbyes and I grab a lot of film.” It was December at that time. Thompson only very recently made the footage public. Since then, interest in the subject has risen dramatically. Nearly 40,000 people have seen the original video. IGN has reported on the story.

But Thompson admitted that certain information was disclosed too quickly. “Video Game Store Closes 1994 Inventory Found 27 Years Later Factory Sealed SNES Sega Genesis Saturn” is the title of the video. The games on display, such as Chrono Trigger and the ’96 sports titles, were released in 1995, which sparked some controversy. Some of the comments were slammed for being slanderous. Some people attempted to utilize the incorrect date to locate the original business. (Thompson refused to provide the information of the original shop.)