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Importance of Extended Enterprise Training for Your Organization


In today’s competitive world, businesses are constantly battling hard to improve the performance of their employees which will eventually help them be more successful. To have a competitive group of employees, organizations offer training opportunities that will help them upskill themselves. However, training your employees might just not be enough as you would want to train everyone that’s involved with your business. This type of training is specifically called extended enterprise training.

Extended enterprise training is nothing but training your customers, vendors, external business partners, and consultants, etc. All of them are involved with your business in some way or the other, training them will only benefit your organization. The main motto behind this training is to make your extended enterprise more aware of the ethics, values, goals, and vision of your organization. This practice has proven beneficial for many organizations over the years. Thus, it’s high time for you to implement enterprise training in your organization. To offer the training effectively, learning management systems like HSI support seamless enterprise training which becomes easy for you to manage. 

If you are still skeptical about whether you need extended enterprise training for your organization or not, read the points below to have better clarity.

1)It helps to create a strong brand image:

Extended enterprise training is nothing but training everyone who is part of your business. That includes vendors, customers, users, and consultants, etc. By implementing this, you ensure that you transfer the knowledge across various departments which are associated with your organization. This will help to build a strong brand image for yourself which helps you to collaborate easily with prospects and attract customers to buy from you.

2)It can boost the profits:

Your extended enterprise training can help you fetch more profits. As your distributors and vendors know more about your product or service, they’ll be able to best sell them. Also if your customers are more aware of how to use the product to the best of their ability and once experience its benefits, they are the ones who increase your profits by word-of-mouth. A satisfied customer will recommend your product to a few more people. 

3)Fill the communication gap

Effective communications are necessary for any business to prosper to its maximum potential. As more people are involved in the communication process, the higher the chance of information getting distorted. To counter this problem, extended enterprise training needs to be implemented. It allows your vendors, customers, consultants, and everyone involved to be well aware of your product and what it is that you offer. Thus, extended enterprise training brings everyone involved with your business on the same page and avoids miscommunication.

4)Fluid environment:

In this fast-paced corporate world, you have to be ahead of the latest trends and advancements to be competent enough. You need to be flexible enough to not fall behind. However, many organizations are stuck with age-old principles and fall back on the same processes time and again. In this case, extended enterprise training helps you to stay on top of your game. It keeps you agile as new onboard partners learn more quickly and effectively thereby reducing the learning curve.

5)Emphasize the room for improvement:

The other biggest benefit of extended enterprise training is it allows us to find the loopholes in the existing processes and people. Implementing enterprise training helps to find out where the concerning procedures are lagging and how to improve them. By emphasizing these areas of improvement, enterprise training helps to get over the drawbacks of the supply chain and make your team more efficient.

6)Reduces the risk:

Be it customer reviews or lawsuits, reducing the risk is always important. Extended enterprise training can help you reduce the risk. Because your vendors, customers, and everyone involved with your business know everything about your product, there is less chance for negative remarks and issues.


For the betterment of your business, extended enterprise training is as important as employee training programs. Your internal and external teams can work with each other to become a more productive force. Thus, we hope the article helped you to know about the amazing benefits of extended enterprise training.