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Interesting Trends in Gaming Apps to Expect in 2022


Mobile gaming apps have undergone a tremendous change in the past couple of years. Smartphones have become powerhouses with incredibly efficient systems on a chip. To keep up with this change, companies have continued developing more demanding games. That has changed the players’ expectations, leading to new gaming apps trends. They change every year as new technologies break ground, creating a new landscape for gaming app growth. Keep reading to see what you can expect with the gaming apps in 2022.

The Market Will Keep Growing

There are several ways the gaming app market will continue to grow. First, new technologies will enable the creation of new game types. That’s where AR and VR technologies, which we’ll mention later, will play an important role. Additionally, different markets will legalize iGames making NJ betting apps and casino apps legally available on all platforms. These apps also include a broad range of games that millions of players find appealing and enjoy playing. Overall, the whole gaming market will attract more players from different walks of life, resulting in stable growth.

Reviews and Streaming Will Matter More

There are millions of games available in the iOS and Android stores. Before downloading any of them, more players will do their research. It’s the perfect way to learn about the game without wasting time downloading it. Those who are eager to enjoy Empire City Bets can find an online review to see the quality of the platform. As nobody wants to waste their time installing and deleting apps, reviews will continue to shape the gaming industry and the popularity of some games. That’s especially important for premium games that cost money. It’s one of the reasons why streaming has become so popular. Besides having fun watching their favorite streamer, viewers can see everything about a game before playing it. People are streaming games for various platforms, including mobile. It’ll continue growing through Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming platforms.

Players Expect Mesmerizing Gaming Experiences

Thanks to the powerful mobile and tablet hardware, the triple-A experience is not reserved for consoles and PCs. More and more games with excellent graphics are coming out. The trend will likely continue in the following year, as over 20 titles will launch on mobile platforms. These include games from various genres such as first-person shooters, hack and slash RPGs, and MMOs. These games were unimaginable on mobile devices only a couple of years ago, and players can enjoy them fully on the platform of their choice.

Crossplay Support

Crossplay support is becoming a reality thanks to the game streaming platforms such as Stadia. Of course, independent game titles have solved this challenge on their own. However, using online streaming platforms is the easiest way to play your games wherever you are. Players can enjoy their games while commuting and continue their gaming experience on a console or PC. On the other hand, cross-platform play means that you can have fun with your friend who’s playing on PC while you’re on the phone. It’s a trend here to stay because it connects players on different platforms, providing better entertainment on the go.

AR and VR Experiences

AR and VR are projected to grow in the coming years significantly. That means that there will be more gaming apps for these platforms. They provide a very immersive experience, as players get in the shoes of their favorite game characters. The popularity of these apps will depend on the game maker’s creativity because there are endless ways of making the gaming experience unique. One of the biggest AR projects was Pokemon GO, which quickly gained popularity. We’re yet to see more similar titles reshaping the real world for its players.


These gaming app trends show that more people are picking mobile platforms to have fun. It’s good to see that the whole ecosystem, including reviews and streaming, will keep growing. That will result in a global community of enthusiastic players who can enjoy an incredible variety of gaming apps. Anything that comes to their mind will be available on their favorite mobile platforms.