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Is It Possible to Make a Living by Playing Poker Online?


Through the years, gambling and winning money in the casino have captured the imagination of many. Who can argue with the thousands of dollars or even millions won by casino players, right? And among these casino games that deliver huge wins, online poker remains one of the most popular. Online poker is widely available right now, and there are even reports about players who grind, win, and make a living out of the game. So, it is not surprising that some players take their fascination further and ask- is it possible to make a living by playing online poker?

Here’s the short answer to this question- yes, you can make a living by playing the game online. Several professional players spend time training and learning this game, and they end up winning money to fund their lifestyle. However, this is not the right question to ask. If you’re interested in the game’s potential, the question to ask is this- how difficult is it to make a living by playing online poker? And there’s a big chance that the answers and experiences of the pros may discourage you. Making a living through poker is hard, and requires patience, practice, and even sacrifice.

Players need the endurance to be profitable

It is hard to become an overnight success in poker. To be successful, you need to invest time and resources into the game. Compared to other casino games, poker requires a certain number of skills and confidence since it does not solely rely on the Random Number Generator (RNG) software. A poker player often starts slow and terrible for a long time before improving and starts collecting wins. And it is common for some players to drop out and forget the game when the going gets tough. In poker, you read, grind, review your play, and understand the behavior of the other players. You need intense concentration and commitment to fully control your emotion which is another factor in poker.

Firm control of emotions

Playing poker offers unexpected results and emotions. As mentioned, there are times when players lose for a long time or lose a huge amount of money in one sitting. There are also some days when wins and losses swing like crazy. Many players simply can’t handle the pressure and the emotional demands of the game. In online poker, you need to have mental resilience. There are instances that a player can go on for weeks without collecting a win. The game is not for the person who needs a constant pep talk. It’s best for the person who can play independently and manage their emotions and expectations.

Understanding of proper poker bankroll management

To become a successful poker player, you need to know the value of an effective poker bankroll. As an aspiring player, it is not best to just play for fun and jump into any available poker game. Like a professional player, you need to plan and stick with the bankroll. You need to have a bankroll plan and wagering strategy before you join the poker circuits. Experts recommend that beginners should start conservatively. This means you make small wagers in low-limit tables. If you plan to join tournaments, you need to have at least 100 average buy-ins. For poker cash games, you should aim for at least 50 buy-ins. There are two critical reasons why you should have decent buy-ins when playing poker. One, this will prevent you from going bust in case of a losing streak. And two, lots of buy-ins offer you a chance to perform better.

Yes, some online poker players make a living by joining tables and participating in tournaments. But this is not for everyone. Only a small percentage of the poker-playing population can maximize the game’s potential and make it a lucrative side job. To be successful in this game, you need a set of skills, values, and characteristics. In short, you need to have that rare online poker talent to be successful and to start making a living out of the game. If you don’t have this talent well, you can still study, research, and grind your way to poker success.