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Is Sony planning to release the A6700 or A7000 before the summer?


There are a lot of rumours flying about about Sony right now, and there are numerous new products that are said to be launching this year. The most recent speculated camera is a new Sony Alpha camera that has an APS-C sensor and will most likely be included in Sony’s A6XXX lineup. The Sony A6100 and the Sony A6600 were the most recent APS-C E-mount cameras that Sony released as part of its Alpha series of enthusiast-oriented cameras. Since they were released in August 2019, which in the lifespan of a modern camera is regarded to be on the older side, they are most likely overdue for an upgrade in the near future.

These two cameras have been quite successful for Sony because they offer an exceptional feature set in a tiny form and for a price that is very fair. It is not surprising that this has been very well received by enthusiast photographers, particularly those who shoot a lot of travel or street photography, two types of photography in which it is essential to have a camera setup that is both light and minimal in order to facilitate both quick movement and discretion. There is not a lot of information available to go on regarding what upgrades or specifications these new cameras could be packing, although Sony Alpha Rumors has been tipped off that it is going to be a “high-end” APS-C camera.

There is not much information available to go on regarding what upgrades or specs these new cameras could be packing. It is not entirely clear what this means, but it might indicate that Sony’s newest camera has borrowed a lot of photography features from Sony’s more expensive Alpha cameras, such as the Sony A9. These features might include a much faster continuous shooting speed or a very high megapixel sensor. Although this is slightly less likely, as it could begin to confuse Sony’s lineup, with the ZV cameras (such as the Sony ZV-1F) being its proposition for content creators focused on video, some features from the Sony FX3 might make their way over. Sony continues its pivot to being more video-focused in all of its products, so some features from the Sony FX3 might make their way over.